X’mas Eve Thoughts…mainly on my fracture hand

*WARNING: Wordy + Graphic*

Ok guys, I have to say this is the most awesome closure for my 2015 despite breaking a part of myself.

When I first injured my hand in sept, I thought it was a sprain or just an extremely swollen bruise that will probably last for like a week? Little did I know I had broken my fifth shaft; an oblique fractured that requires surgery and almost 2 months to recuperate.

I wasn’t covered by insurance (for work injury related matters) and was devastated because my upcoming assignments were heavy. I had to reach out to my clients to let them know of this matter and true to say some immediately withdraw my services upon learning about the injury.
I didn’t ask for this to happen but honestly I myself wouldn’t depend on someone who injured her dominant hand (even though I was cross-dominance, I wasn’t confident enough) to work on my face.

On the other hand, I had clients still pinning high hopes that I’ll recover in time for their wedding (which I didn’t sadly) that melted a part of me. Even though I’m unable to be a part of their big day, I truly appreciate these clients. These are the people who believe in what I do that makes me job worth while. In short I’m shameless enough to say that they really ‘Love me’ (shit! When did I get so mushy? lol)
I thank you with all my heart <3

I guess for 2015, Sep and Oct was the hardest phrase of my career yet. Signing in my bank account refunding clients their deposit was what I spent most of my time in front of the computer, is really not fun seeing the delepeting figures of my bank balance :(  not that I come from a poor family but I wanted to save more especially now that I have an extra mouth to feed, I also bought a couple of insurance policy for Ry coz 21 years down the road I’m going bet heavy at MBS using her university payout hoping for a handsome retirement! Wish me luck!

IMG_1713 IMG_1724
Ok back to my hand, I had a choice of surgery or not. Thus, I was contemplating whether should I proceed (with surgery) or leave it as it is with a splint on for another month.
The doctor highly recommended surgery and made a calculated guess that I can go back to work late October and so I gave the green light for him to cut and fix me up.

IMG_2113 IMG_2129

After the surgery he suddenly weren’t sure about the dates and said that I probably need to delay until mid November.
I’m like hey Doc fuck it, whether you had a memory loss or not I’m going back to work in November. I also imagined giving my hand a wholesome lecture  to “better be a stallion by the time comes.”

And it did.
On the 3rd day of surgery I’m begin doing ‘household chores’. I put on a glove and started grating ingredients for Ry’s dinner, do dishes and did our laundry.
I recover like a bullet train, both my Doctor and physiotherapist was amazed.
I guess is all in the mind? If you are determined to get well; you will. Likewise if you are bent on succeeding;

IMG_2111*Side note: my doc inserted a metal plate and 8 nuts into that injured area thus I’m considered myself half a cyborg now.
If you want to mess, just mess with my dog or my husband (you may mess with Ry too but beware her lungs are very mature, it’ll probably blast your wine glass) BUT don’t mess with me coz you know I’m terminator.


I’m now almost 3 months post-surgery and I’m stronger than ever, in mind and in body. Was I wrong, my injury was never a burden, infact it was a ‘test’ from god to see how I fair in my will-power. This God damn joker, last time send me a baby from hell then now want to test water again. But there was no resentment, in fact with constant praying, my faith gets stronger everyday.

I started easing in some light assignments during November and went full force this month. My sleep hours weren’t fixed and my assignments were heavy but I’m not complaining. I enjoy the mad adrenaline rush, so orgasmic when I get to work on different heads is like #hairporn.
There was a time I accepted 3 assignments at different locations and did a total 6 faces in a day (not claiming credit for everything, I had assisted help for the last assignment I went to), boy that was madness. I had to frantically look for a drive-thru to grab my lunch in the car but at the end of the day I was happy with my life and the opportunity set up for me.
*Bonus: The client left a very positive feedback that put 3 smiles on my face.*

Remember last June I was still talking about how I’ll hope to get a feasible income for the family? I think I’m sorta honoring it now.
I know that that fine line between cocky and confident but trust me, I’m heading towards being a more confident person and feeling proud of my achievements.
Most importantly, I will try to remain grounded with every milestone I achieve, be it big or small.

I guess this sums up my thoughts for today, with my brain capacity I’ll leave more thanking speech till New Years Eve so I won’t run out of topics to say also coz I needed to start preparing Ry’s dinner, I have instant canine food but I guess that won’t be appropriate to serve a growing kid.

Hope you’ll drop by to visit my snowing platform again in a couple of days!


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