Where have I been?

Seems like I’ve lost myself in the middle of the woods,  I don’t even know how to start anymore. It had been 2 full months of halt in my postings.

The longest hiatus I ever took.

Even though this is not what I’m best at, I actually do miss writing.

Truth to be told, I’ve been busy, very busy tending EVERYthing especially my child needs.

Ryleigh turned 3 in August and is constantly keeping me on my toes. Very feisty, strong headed and always trying to outsmart us.
Her words speak so much character I should dedicate one post compiling all my adventures with her, double confirm will brighten up your day.

On the other hand Chubby Travis is still fatty and squishy.
He is growing rapidly, weighing an astounding 11kg at 8.5 months, very lovable and cute.
I cannot make out his character as of now but he seems like the more complacent type.
Appearance wise, he looks very delicious and juicy; so fair is comparable to the white chicken from the kway png stall.
IMG_5990  IMG_6364

Also, I’ve shifted.
Now we have 5 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs under our household, definitely takes a while to get use to it.

Even though I’m still actively doing makeup and hairdo, I’m taking things a little slow this year.
My ‘sey’ is so Sloth-like, I need a lot of time to adapt to the major hauls in my life, that also explains why I Mia-ed for 2 months.
I’ve got so much to update, but, but I just don’t know where to start.
Many times I log in here only to space out and when I’m not I’m strategizing how to strike 8 million toto.

I’ll try to work harder but for now, hopefully this self-absorb photo will motivate me to create more content.

Oh before I go, here’s a passport photo of my husband (coz it wouldn’t be complete if I simply end this post without him) which he loathes but decides to send over anyway, is a mugshot for other purposes.
Just enjoy before it gets taken down. lol.
Chong Chee
❥ dblchin ❥

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