Welcoming Travis

While everyone is out doing their rounds visiting relatives and friends for Chinese New Year, I’m pretty much confined at home dressed in long floppy pants with little access to the fan and deprived of long heavenly showers.

But despite being quarantine, I’m over the moon to receive another life I can call my own.

I know this is a little abrupt but yes, I just had a baby and his name is Travis.
Unlike Ryleigh who was delivered via assisted vaginal delivery, baby Travis came into the world on 19 Jan through elective c-section, weighing 3.36kg healthy and strong.
Both times I was wide awake, though not very vividly because I was engulfed with laughing gas but as much as I can remember it was a totally different experience when I compared the two. Due to restricted choice, I had to choose spinal block Caesar even though I’m dying to deliver Travis natural as possible. The moment I got hold of his victorious cries, I myself was drown in happy tears too.

Nope, no regrets.
Choice of birthing methods don’t matter anymore when you get to hold a healthy newborn in your arms.

Because of my quick recovery, the second my catheter was removed (2 day post op) I was already up and about easing up the stitches at my incision. I wasted no time in bonding with my little human; I breastfed, snuggled up to him and smelled his lovely baby scent.

I’m thankful for the visitations from relatives and close friends, the lovely gifts and support to get me going.
This time round my milk came in fast and furious, I had to suffer from bad engorgement for several days before I can start my milk machine flowing. I’ll probably talk about this in another post, another day.

For now, lets enjoy the precious snapshots my hubby and I took.
*Warning: Graphic images in some shots*

Pre-op face, trying to lighten the mood by posing silly, I was a wreck inside though. DSC06505



Me and the excited hubby.

The first cries of Travis.


Requested for a shot of the placenta because it fed Travis so amazingly well.

Getting all emotional at the arrival of my lil one.DSC06548

Our first family portrait.
How I wished you are here with us Ryleigh.

My source of strength, the laughing gas.

Trav, all cleaned up and looking fresh.


Bonding closely through breastfeedingDSC06582

Glad to have some close knitted visitors.

My naughty pumpkin.
DSC06613 DSC06620 DSC06627 DSC06636 DSC06639 DSC06642

Hospital food tasted awesome.
DSC06647 DSC06648 DSC06652

Ryleigh and gong gong who loves her dearly.
DSC06655 DSC06662

Abundance of love and gifts.

DSC06677 DSC06678 DSC06680 DSC06681 DSC06684 DSC06691

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