[Tutorial] How to use Mesh Type Double Eyelid Tape (Miss Bow Bow)

Hello Dblchinis!
Remember I last mentioned about blogging a new post in conjunction with my wild peacock look? Now here’s the post you probably been waiting for!
The reason why my crease and double eyelid looks higher nowadays is because of plastic surgery something I’ve used here, I’ve vaguely talked about ‘Miss bow bow eye tape’ in my past post but I suppose the information given wasn’t sufficient because I receive email from friends of dblchin asking me on the correct way to use this tape. “Should they use the eyelid tape/gauge before OR after application of makeup?”
Ah ha! This is the reason why I decide to come up with a 2nd post, another intense elaboration on this amazing product that could be use either before or after eye makeup application.

Now, before I go on further this is how Miss Bow Bow Eye tape looks like.Miss Bow Bow
There are many types of brands in the market since the release of Miss Bow Bow, you can get them at Sasa. I wouldn’t be surprise if they launch something similar @ Watsons to, so be sure to check these drugstores out.
May I remind you that this very mesh-like looking material is constructed barely visible thus is easy to lose it once you peel the netting off, so keep an eye (ok punny) on it at all times.

Each individual piece is cut out like so; half crescent .
You can use it in whichever direction you fancy: front, back, left or right, there is no definite sequence as well But I’m going to show you the difference on one eye as compare to the other, so read on.
Miss Bow Bow33
*Word of caution* There is a plastic backing that comes with this mesh, DO NOT use that on your eyelid as it only acts as a support for the flimsy mesh.

  The mesh cannot work on its own, so here comes her sticky boyfriend “The glue”. This glue like I mentioned in my past post is nothing short of amazinggggg. After I started with this eyelid glue I never went back to any other glue I’ve used in the past.
Apply a appropriate amount of glue onto the mesh that you’ve peeled earlier, to avoid staining  you can choose to place a piece of paper/plastic as a backing or just simply hold up the mesh and brush the glue on. I prefer the former method because this way it wont pick up too much product and the excess glue will also be absorbed by the backing.
Miss Bow Bow glue
Use a pointed tip tweezer to pick up the mesh before sticking it on your eyelid, the reason for choosing a sharp pointed tip is because those slanted tip tweezers tends to ‘kiap’ a larger surface of the mesh making it less sticky. But this is nothing to call for concern because if you find that your tape doesn’t stick very well, just brush on a new coat of glue and re-stick them.
Miss Bow Bow with glue
This is how it will look after sticking on the mesh eyelid tape, is barely visible but it’ll sometime show up in photos. with Miss Bow Bow

When you open your eyes, the glue and mesh tape is almost invisible!
Ok for the other eye,  I’m going to work on my eyemakeup first then stick the mesh eyetape on to show you the difference. Before and After

Now you can do a comparison on both eyes, the picture on the right shows the mesh tape that was stick on before application of makeup and the other is stick on after.
Peacock makeupYou’ll notice the the mesh that was stuck before(left) is a little more visible than the one on the after (right).
Even though the one that was stuck after the makeup’s done somehow looks nicer, it is actually a riskier option. Because once you stick them on and realised is not your “idea position” you may need to re-stick them again. AND When you peel off the mesh, bits of eyeshadow will also come off together with the glue, plus gluing them on again is a bitch because it will tend to make everything look a little messier.
Another less invasive option (by sticking this mesh after eye makeup) is to apply a small amount of glue, place them on the desired position of your eyelid, ‘test drive’ by blinking a few times letting the mesh set on. Once you have determine the position, brush the glue directly onto your eyelid(where the mesh is) and let it dry by light handily pat(your hand or a q-tip) over your eyelid, this way it won’t jeopardize the colours.

Peacock makeup2Hope you like my tutorial, do leave a comment below if you have further questions about the application of this mesh tape!


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