Trichokare Media Invite and Treatment

Taking care of my hair is never easy especially with all the abusive negligence of colouring. Along with my diet and increase of age, the contributed damage resulted not only on my hair but also the follicles.

I was invited to a Trichokare event at their newly opened outlet at orchardgateway a couple of weeks ago, where they use a series of European herbs to care for my hair right down from the roots.
Not to worry, these are treatments that are natural! It is highly recommended for post-natal 3 to 4 months after giving birth when mothers have high tendency of experiencing hair fall more than usual.

The interior of the outlet is very neat and clean, every aspect looks comforting and the neutral sandstone shades made me feel very at ease.
DSC00025 DSC00027

Before we receive our treatment, we were given a thorough introduction on the products used.

Trichokare advocates a natural approach to combat hairloss by using herbs to treat the root of the problem, ensuring sustainable results.
This way it will result in a more balanced and synergistic effect, talking about inner wellness.

Aside for from that, they have formulated a series of haircare for a well balanced scalp to not only get rid of clog hair pores but also to promote hair growth.
DSC00046 DSC00049

I’ll be receiving a customized treatment alongside with my fellow bloggers.
DSC00050 DSC00053

My #OOTD, you will see very much of me in babydoll dresses nowadays.
Guess that is the only flattering silhouette without making me look like a vulnerable pregnant woman. (25weeks at the time of event)

Jacq aka Hello Mrs Tan was there earlier for her hair treatment too and yes she’s expecting with her No.2! Is so nice to have someone sharing similar thoughts and woes together, nothing better to call for an obligated bump shot!
She is much taller thus I had to tip toe slightly in order to meet her bump :DDD

Later we proceed to the consultation room for a microscopic hair check before the treatment, this is to measure how much difference we will get to experience after everything’s done and also to determine what type of treatment is suitable for each individual. DSC00065

My scan results:
Slightly clogged pores, this signifies slightly unhealthy scalp but no major trouble spots.
Still, even though I have a full head of hair now but if I don’t do anything about it, it will eventually result in major hair loss especially after pregnancy/ childbirth, all these hormonal imbalance will definitely add on to my stress level.
Come to think about it, I actually had a quick wash before I went for this event, but still, my daily wash can’t rid of the accumulated sebum over the years. :(
DSC00066 DSC00069

After the consultation, I then proceed to the customized treatment area to treat my scalp, very excited because I finally in for it for thorough scalp purifying, rebalancing and yet pampering session
My therapist is especially careful to take care of my needs, at every ‘stage’ she will ensure that I’m feeling at home.

I requested for light hair massage with gentler pressure but it didn’t make my hair less messy!
Trying to self entertain here.

The whole treatment room is engulfed with natural European herb that gives out a calming effect! I was practically in dreamland after taking this shot because of the soothing effect. It has been ages since I felt so pampered and in bliss.
P.S.: For the longest time. ;p

After treatment I was given another round of thorough scanning.
You may not have notice but previously the pores of my hair follicles are completely covered by this waxy substance which is also called the excess sebum production, which is, unhealthy as a matter of fact.
A healthy scalp should sorta promote a dent surrounding the follicles and here I have with me my magnified scan; pretty similar to a clean and well maintained scalp. *Beams proudly*

With that I leave our piece of positive testimonial for Trichokare!DSC00090 DSC00091

image002image001 DSC00093
It was indeed an enjoyable experience with Trichokare, I thought I’ll never enjoy the luxury of getting pampered like a normal human being because there is simply too much restrictions and rules to follow when you are expecting! Also having a well maintained scalp prepares me for a better confinement in time to come, at least when it comes to a point that I’m not allowed to wash my hair at least I have a clean scalp to begin with.

Losing hair everyday is part of human nature, is inevitable but being able to prevent the further damage of losing more hair and yet able promote hair growth is the key to protecting your mane.

If you have any trouble spots or concern, do head down to Trichokare for a scalp analysis. Don’t wait until only 3 strands of hair is present on your head because by the time you start to panic the only solution they can offer you is a hair wig.

Just a brief introduction on TrichoKare:

TrichoKare is the first ISO 9001 certified trichological centre in Singapore that features customized European herbal hair remedies validated by a certified trichologist with products formulated by a professional herbalist. Treatments and products are designed to target different hair loss problems such as infected scalp, acne-prone scalp, greasy scalp or dandruff. Where hair loss problems are concerned, it is crucial to understand the root condition by a microscopic scalp scan to investigate the health of scalp. TrichoKare has been highly featured by media and various bloggers for enjoying pampering treatments in a comfortable environment with effective results.

For my readers, follow this link for exclusive deals
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Velocity @ Novena Square #03-19 | The Clementi Mall #05-11 |
nex #02-24 | orchardgateway #02-12
Opening hours:
11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri, Sun) | 10am – 7pm (Sat)

* This is a sponsored post.

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