Travis at 4 months

Wow time flies, literally.

When I had Ry, the days were tough and nights were long but with Travis is like, What?! 4 months already?
Travis in Ryleigh Bath Towel

I guess is because this time round I’m much more laid back. I threw most of the baby rules out the window, no more controlled CIO (Crying Out Loud), no more self soothing, no more standard schedule feeding. And most importantly I have extra hands at home tending to the baby. So glad the boulder is not weighing on my shoulders all the time, I guess is part of the reason why the time just zoomed by.
Photo-29-5-17,-10-45-27-PMThis little guy has all my heart.

I have to admit, this son of mine is quite a popular guy, he gets quite a bit of attention wherever he goes. With his Michelin folds, is really hard to go unnoticed. I have people telling me he looks like cabbage patch kid, Dinosaur, humpty dummy, Hercules, Anpan Man, maybe also some sort of cuisine delectable enough for gnawing. Also my helper said he has a lot of fans (she brings him out for walks from time to time) maybe next time can become artiste, wah make me laugh only.
Clean and ready.

Attempting Tummy time.

Blissful sleep

Dreaming to be the next kobe bryant

But my best take is him looking very much like the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un (ownself say one)
Oh Ma Gawd, see this come I clap for you look? Looks like he’s gonna to nuclear bomb in his nappy, less invasive but ruthless nonetheless.
That being said, though he looks really cute now, I hope my dreams of Fatty Kim growing up to looking like Lee Min-Ho is not too far-fetched lol.

So everyone knows his physique is on the heavy side but I didn’t expect his weight to fly off the chart. His 4th month check up shows he sitting above the 97 percentile marker.
Bo Koh leng la, why like dat? His intake actually dipped but he is still growing steadfast.

I got a feeling is the content of my breastmilk, though I don’t eat clean nor healthy but I load up heavy on carbs and proteins and I eat A LOT, unbelievable amount until my hubby said I’m gonna 吃穷他.
“where’s my neck?”

Most people tell me chubby babies are good but apparently is not always the case, I always kena by medical practitioners. My Gynae actually reprimanded me before for his huge intake, he mentioned Travis has such a heavy head start in life, is actually not good for his growing stomach. Ermm…I don’t really know what that means, though I very much like him to cut down on his intake, I also cannot let a starving baby cry his guts out. Also every time I send him for immunization at the nearest polyclinic, the nurse is unable to prescribe me paracetamol unless I see the doctor for it, she mentioned that overweight babies must go through doctor’s approval to attain the correct dosage. Even though Michelin babies are good to see and nice to touch, when it comes to health concerns is very leh chey. Agree?

Travis is now learning to flip, though he tries really hard but it wasn’t very successful. He flip halfway then will jammed at the flipping point then gostan back, haha my little walrus.
Ry left, Trav Right.

But he talks a lot, everyday want to chit chat tell me how awesome my breastmilk is and if anyone leaves his sight while he’s gooo gaa-ing halfway, he will be very angry and starts fussing.

As for Ry, she wasn’t taking it well in the beginning, there are a few occasions she screamed at Travis for crying. During the first 2 months she really behaved badly; she fusses and screams mostly, sometimes in the dead of the night. We all went through bouts of sleepless nights because of her.
It took her a while to accept his existence, usually she will just do her own thing but sometimes she will ‘sayang’ his head and starts to include ‘didi’ in our conversation.Photo-26-5-17,-7-18-41-AM

I’m looking forward to Travis flipping successfully and hopefully he can sleep longer hours at night (for now max interval 4 hours)

Till next time, goodbye.
❥ dblchin ❥

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