Threadlift for Doublechin

*warning: Images of graphic nature*

Even though aging is a natural process, we are always trying to find ways to help pause the biological clock and set it back a little so as to restore back our youthful days. Recently I’ve discovered this modern technology ‘Silhouette Threadlift’ to restore sagging skin by The Clifford Clinic


Clifford Clinic is located at 24 Raffles Place#01-03 Clifford CentreSingapore 048621

What is Silhouette Threadlift?
Silhouette Threadlift uses surgical needles and minimally invasive threads in lifting sagging tissue. The results is instantaneous, gives a lifted more firmed appearance towards the entire structure of your face.

How does the treatment work?
This treatment consist of using dissolvable threads to lift the skin. Similar to the conventional ‘sewing method’, these threads are placed in the Subcutaneous fats layer just beneath the skin to help lift and firm up targeted areas. There is no need to get these threads removed as they are dissolvable by the body over a period of time.

How safe is it?
This is a very fast and safe technique.
You are able to achieve the same result without going through extensive surgery.

How many thread/s is enough?
It really depends on your severity, up to 4 Silhouette threads may be placed at one area

Edited -1
First things first, a thorough consultation with Dr Gerard Ee.
I’ve addressed to him my concerns about my sagging skin thus resulting in my double chin looking more prominent.
Being a firm believer of using non-invasive measures, Dr Ee aims to use the most effective and safe method to achieve symmetry and elegance for his clients.

He had recommended Jaw threadlift to lift and minimize the appearance of double chin.Edited-2 Edited-3 Edited-6

A before shot to document the process.Edited-9
Numbing cream is being applied onto the entire jawline to minimize pain when local anesthetic is administered.
Dr Ee marking down several points for precision.
This way he is able to gauge the start and end point.

Numbing jab administered to further help numb the jawline.Edited-22

From here you can see Dr Ee inserting the needle through the center marking and slowly ‘stitching’ his way towards the ear.
He will first work on half the face then he will start threadlifting the other half. This way it will produce more even results making the face look symmetrical.



After threadlift is done, Dr Ee injected botox to help further lift the area to give a firmer and more lifted appearance. Edited-42
How was the Experience?

At first I was a little nervous because I seriously do not know what to expect, threading the skin may sound a little invasive but my fears and worries are really uncalled for. The entire procedure from numbing the skin to the injection of botox took onlyt half an hour.
Threadlift only took a mere 10-15mins for Dr Ee to complete, he is so so experienced (I heard he see many patients asking for threadlift a day) with this procedure he gets everything done swift and fast.
The pain was minimal, after administering the numbing jab, I barely can feel anything. However during the threading procedure, I feel slightly uncomfortable due to the tugging and pulling of the thread. Other than that, is literally painless.

Procedure I did
2 thread lifts per area 1 right below the jaw and the other nearer to the neck
1 x Botox right after the threadlift procedure

1 x HIFU Sygmalift (painless, injection-free, and surgical-free : see pic) upon followup
(usually 1 week from date of threadlift procedure)

Antiseptic cream given to apply on affected areas
Antibiotics to consume to prevention infection which I didn’t take any because I don’t like to be dependent on meds, but is really down to individual.

Bruising the lasted for 1 week, light makeup can be applied
(please ignore the rash, is an allergy reaction in no relation to the procedure)

Price range for the above

How Long will this last?
Between 1-2 years depending on Individual

In conclusion
This procedure is really what it had claimed, it really shows instant results.
Not only my double chin has reduced in appearance, my entire face also look more lifted.  To honest, I feel I look different (in a good way) yet I really cannot put my finger on which area has dramatically changed. I guess is an over all thing! By only lifting the jawline, it has realigned my entire structure, creating a better version of me.

Take a look at how define my jaw is, this was taken 4 days after Threadlift procedure.

Taken 2 weeks after: Jawline more defined and lifted

Thank you Dr Ee from The Clifford Clinic and My Fat Pocket on this!

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