The Asian Parent get together

A while ago, I was invited to get together with few parent bloggers under The Asian Parent network.

As The Asian Parent are in the midst of restructuring its website, they managed to pool together a handful of us to input ideas for it’s web content.

Held at The Daily Scoop Ice Cream Cafe located at SOTA, the meetup was packed with awesome mummy & and Daddy bloggers from all walks of life.

After sitting us down, we made small talks & exchanged parenting ideas. With kids from 3 years old and above, most of them are already ‘old birds’ in the parenting field thus I’m considerably the youngest parent with my barely one and half year old baby (1 year old then), it was pretty insightful and I felt more like a listener.DSC_1179A-Edit-2

I used to be mild on sugary stuff but since becoming a parent, my preference for food has changed (I don’t know why too!) I was more into pampering my taste buds as compared to before. I know I needed to watch that waistline but the Daily Scoop Ice-cream is too yummy to resist. Strong and yet gentle; it melts upon touching the base of my tongue. If you weren’t sure what flavour to choose from, come with some friends or your family and get one flavour each and prepare to burst each other’s taste buds.

That glutton convert in me not only finished a serving of ice-cream (2 scoops), I was also casually reaching out to grab cupcakes thereafter.
I think this hand gesture is like gei siao want to talk knowledge but actually I’m aiming for the blueberry cupcake on that serving tray, very discreet I know. DSC_1249A-Edit
It was a great meet up with everyone!

I wasn’t expecting anything special since it was a parent’s meet up session but little did I know…wah got goodie bag sia!  DSC02064

From left:
Tempo Tissue-1 piece 2 person can share coz got so many ply (4).
Drypers wet wipes-Not a fan of fragrance wipes but this is ok, not causing my kiddo to have any allergy or something so is passable.
Derma-RX Comedone Formula- A comedone formula which helps to dissipate the blackheads
Smoothie King- very sturdy bottle to make smoothie, since I’m not into smoothie, I use it as a daily water bottle to contain water. #smoothieking
The Asian Parent Badge- hand crafted and stitched.
Memom-An app that helps you organized your photos of your family into a beautifully arranged timeline.

DSC02056Amongst all, my favorite is of course the skincare.
Actually I’ve been a long time fan of DRX even before they climb on board the Social Media wagon. I used to see them regularly to combat my block pores and eczema (mainly on my eyelids wtf). I spent a lot of money seeing them/their dermatologist (average $60-$200 per session; I was a young working adult without the buying power then) but is all worth it.
I stopped not because they weren’t good, is because my eczema was in remission for a while and it eventually went away giving me the option to try out new skincare and makeup making me where I’m now. I introduced DRX to many of my friends and family that faced skin problems. Among them, my mum witnessed the most significant changed; her years of pigmentation spots lighten so much even my family and friends were amazed.
Besides this awesome bottle of Comedone formula, I still love their Chira wash best, nothing can beat that.

Thank you so much The Asian Parent for organizing this meet up and letting me reminisce how DRX saved my skin!

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