Taobao SEA Video Guide- Behind The Scenes

A couple of months ago William and I did a Introductory video on ‘How to shop at Taobao’ for TAOBAO South East Asia. We had so much fun readingĀ  straight from the script and trying to act natural.

Here’s my Make Of the Day, fresh clean eyes with minimal eyeshadow.
I was around 22 weeks (approx 5.5 month) at that point of time.

After a long long time, I finally picked up the momentum of using bottom lashes again, I’m using lower lash from Decorative eyelash here.
From my knowledge this can be only found in certain beauty stores around singapore but I bought mine when I was in Japan megazillion years ago.
They are very fine and look really natural, good for ladies with pathetic sparse and thin lashes like mine.

Shoot is held near Joo Chiat Road, waiting for the camera crew to get their equipments ready for action!DSC00026

William and I on set, we have out script right infront of us! Cheat mode level 99. DSC00029

Warning one of the camera crew to watch out for my dblchin, ok actually I forgot what’s our conversation is all about.

See my script sliding off the screen lol.DSC00032

Another scene was set up, an opening video to properly introduce ourselves as bloggers and guide to shopping on Taobao.DSC00038

It was fun filming with William because we knew each other before that so is easy breezy to establish a good working rapport!

Thanks Taobao SouthEast Asia for the opportunity to appear in your videos. Here’s the completed video, have fun watching!

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