Sumptuous Dinner with 8 Crabs Home Delivery

Now that Circuit Breaker is over and small gatherings allowed, what better time than to invite my parents over for a yummlicious crab feast with 8 Crabs?

To be honest, I long for the days we can head to cafes and restaurants without holding back any reservations but I also understand that heading out in big groups will only lead to unnecessary exposure to Covid-19 which I really do not want to put my family at risk.

It was so awesome that 8 Crabs offered to cook and deliver a feast for my family and I; my dad especially love crabs and was delighted to see the spread!

8 Crabs is an award winning crab delivery and seafood delivery service serving Singaporeans island-wide.

They started off as being the only premium seafood importers specialising in wild catch crabs, sea cucumber, prawns, grouper, and tilapia from Sri Lanka. Today, they have their own processing premises in Sri Lanka. Being the only supplier of wild catch crabs, they are always being able to promise you crabs that are better than the rest. 

When my order came it was still very warm to the touch, it only means that it is freshly cooked and promptly delivered to my doorstep.

I order a total of 6 dishes which amounted to $156.00 and it was more than enough to feed the 7 of us (mum and  dad, kids x2, my hb and I + my Helper)

I have to say the portion was pretty big! Crabs for my dad, mantou for the Hubby, Beancurd for my mum, Cereal Prawn for the kids, Pork ribs for my Maid and of course everything and everything else for me LOL! Most of the dishes I ordered are in small size (but portion came quite big wor) except Pork Ribs which are in medium size.

For Crabs, I chose their Award-Winning Sri Lankan Chilli Crab in size L, just look at the amount of zap! The crab is totally drenched in their oh-so-yummy Chilli Sauce! These Sri Lankan Wild Catch Crab are so tasty, the pincers are filled with meat!
 To me the 2nd best takeaway are the Cereal Prawns as well as the Tofu dish, there is an abundance of cereal in the prawn for my ah girl to enjoy! Also the Tofu is so full of sauce, ya know we Chinese love saucy dishes!!! 😘😘😘

Thank you so much 8 Crabs for your wonderful dinner!
My family and I had a awesome time eating and catching up together~

If you have any last minute plans and decide to order a quick delivery, who not try 8 Crabs?
Simply Order Now and have your food delivered in 1 Hour!

Happy crabbing!

*Food is partially sponsored but opinions are my own

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