Styling for Black Paint Commercial (behind the scenes)

Was honored to be working with Black Paint for their first commercial shoot, nothing more satisfying than doing my favorite thing: makeup & hair.
As much as I love being in front of the camera, going behind-the-scenes is more of ‘my thing’ nowadays. This time round I was engaged to do 2 different sets of faces, ‘natural’ in contrast with ‘thick’ makeup.

Here’s Charmaine, I didn’t exactly made her ‘bad looking’, the key here is just to bring her makeup it over the top. Also I didn’t have a fresh, clean face to begin with, it was already prepped before hand thus explains the rosy glow in my ‘before’ picture. But I managed to jazz up & dramatize the entire look by adding heavier lashes and stronger eyeshadow colours.
To be honest I quite like this makeup, something I would totally wear (a mellowed down version) to a wedding dinner. charmaine-makeup-high-res
Also the hair, I did a subtle hollywood side wave to give that ‘Hello-my-name-is-Drama.’ look.


On the other hand, the requirement for Meili is to be sweet and natural.
I suddenly realized a little too late that I needed to document pictures for my portfolio after completing the base, therefore here’s a not so makeup free ‘before’ face.
Also there’s a slight typo down there which I’m willing to compromise (just lazy perhaps?), client to be model instead.
So here’s a video of Black Paint commercial

And some behind the scenes pictures!
With Charmaine and Meili :) Meili is a mother of 3. yes omg.



IMG_6501  IMG_6507 IMG_6511 IMG_6514

Thanks Black Paint for the great opportunity!

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