SmartKids Asia 2017 (Event)

Was honoured to be invited to SmartKids Asia 2017 2 weeks ago @ Expo and brought along my whole family to experience this fun filed day.

We went especially early at opening hours to better experience the full day of line ups.
Aside from the play activities like hands on crafting & colouring booths, SmartKids Asia also provides storytelling corner by National Library Board, inflatable rides eg. bouncy castles and slides, talent time, meet and greet (PORORO!) and also insights of enrichment classes,
We also got to redeem goodie bags as well as food and drinks from London Rolls, Marigold and Loacker wafers, yums!DSC07147
SmartKids Asia Centre Stage

SmartKids Asia Storyland corner provides story telling in form of theatrical plays, explains why there was an erected stage.DSC07161

Fun passport, complete different pit stops within the SmartKids Asia and get to collect a prize.DSC07172

DSC07148 DSC07151

Here’s my little pumpkin enjoying her yummy snacks from London Rolls and UHT milk.DSC07153 DSC07156

Though the key purpose of this trip was to let Ry enjoy the Meet and Greet session with Pororo and friends, our listed agenda is to also check out available enrichment courses we could sign Ry up for. Though there are many enrichment courses that had prep the child to be future achievers be it in school or adulthood, we still looking to sign Ry up for something that involves of more fun and play with no strings attached.
After speaking to a few vendors, we are planing to go for few trial classes before signing up with them.
Let me give you brief run through of the different courses provided at SmartKids Asia:
Music lessons, Phonics, Public Speaking, Baking, Art & Crafts, Whole Brain Training, Reading & Writing Program, Takewondo, Pre-School Education etc.
Vendors providing enrichment courses.

Marigold UHT colour corner for little children.   DSC07167

Ry doing her colouring with enthusiasm, she really love arts and crafts, I guess that is one area which I can explore.

Really not easy trying to get my lil monkey to take a picture. DSC07177

Everyone lining up for Pororo and Friends performance.DSC07180

Oh look! I’m due for pump and I’m doing it among a sea of people because I don’t really care and I’m sick of people judging.

Staff from Pororo Park gesturing little kids to come nearer to the stage.

Spot my little pumpkin holding her favourite character, Crong.
He is that little green dinosaur in the animated series Pororo, that only knows how to say his name ‘Crong’ and he is also adorable max.

Pororo lai liao!

The performance last only 15 mins and then came the photo session.
I panicked a little coz I’m only 10 mins into pumping (usually 30 mins per session) and the crowds are clearing the floor but I try to ‘Keep Calm and Continue Pumping’ after photo session. What I did was pause my pump, get dressed under my cape, stuffed my pump flange in the side pockets of my haversack and went in for phototaking with the mascots. And when I’m done, I ‘Keep Calm and  find a corner’ (any corner) to resume pumping.

Ry was so happy, she keep telling me even till today “I like the BIG BIG Crong!”
She also scored a bonus kiss from Pororo, haha!IMG_8892 DSC07210

Look what I got home!
DSC07214IMG_8884 DSC07215 DSC07221 DSC07222 DSC07223 DSC07226
Thank you so much SmartKids Asia for the invite!

❥ dblchin ❥

*This is only a event coverage for SmartKids Asia 2017, I’m not paid to write this.

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