Shunji Matsuo- Hair Colouring (Purple)

Hellos, is been ages since I head over to Shunji Matsuo to touch up my hair.
Since the day I found out I was expecting, :) to play safe, I avoided all chemical treatment during my first trimester.IMG_5156
Anyways before I get a taste of backlash by irrelevant people who just want to poke their noses into my affairs (oh yes so many eyesore out there I really don’t wish to name) and attempt to chip in their unworthy 2 cents, this adequate research I’ve gathered will probably shut them up.

Elument hair colour treatment is not only very safe for pregnancy, it is also used on cancer patients that needed a boost in their appearance. I, not only consulted the marketing person at Shunji Matsuo, also tracked every website that I could find with relevant information regarding this hair treatment before heading for the service.
Here are one of the many proofs that I’ve printscreen. (click to enlarge)
Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 10.38.56 amAside from that My gynae also gave me the greenlight to colour my hair, he was like “y not? no biggie, go ahead”
I really don’t wished to elaborate further, just because to have the best interest for my baby doesn’t mean expectant are not entitled to look good and be pretty, so I don’t judge me like I have no feelings.

I guess pregnant women are often granted special privilege in most circumstances. On the day of my treatment, everyone at Shunji Matsuo (Ngee Ann City) paid extra attention to me, maybe because I am already a nice person to being with (omg the first lie I ever told in 2014!)
After much deliberation, I decide to go back purple again. The awesome thing about Elumen haircolour is they come in full range of crazy colour chart to choose from!

Just adding a fresh coat of purple without bleaching, since ombre is the trend why not?

Chopped a section of my hair off! Make a guess which part?

New bangs! I think this image is subtle yet refreshing  :)

This is how my entire back looks like! Hair is now way past my belly button, oh gosh so loooooong!
The original black roots that had grown out is coated with the same purple dye used throughout the head but the absorbency is not as good as the ones that was bleached previously at the lower section thus that gradual effect.

This time round instead of Justin, I was attended by Junichi from Japan, the new international stylist at Ngee Ann City. I really like how my bangs turned out, very soft and romantic. Thumbs up!

Due to the slouching earlier, here’s a clearer picture of my #OOTD and my 10 bucks bag from Bangkok.

How my front view looks under natural lighting. I take this view that view all the views actually fake one la I just want to give myself more screentime lol.

For more enquries on Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon:

391 Orchard Road #05-23,
Ngee Ann City Podium B
Singapore 238872
Appointments: (65) 62381522, (65) 62381514
*Treatment is sponsored, opinions are my own.

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