Shunji Matsuo- Hair Colouring (Blue)


And so I headed down to Shunji Matsuo touch up my hair last week, I have to say this time round it faded rather fast.
Probably because I’m expecting, the team decided not to leave the dye on for too long and thus the colour fast wasn’t strong enough. Normally my Elumen treatment can last for at least 3 weeks before a gradual fade.

From the last seen purple, it faded to this multi-colour shade.
To be honest it actually looks great when I style it up (see here) but that patch of dirty blonde smacked right in the middle is annoying the hell out of me, I mean out of the purple spectrum why does this prominent section have to fade into a weird dusty combination?

Anyways, I’m back after 1.5 months (did my last colour on 24 Feb) to change my the current shade into this blue.
I’ve done shades of blue (here and here) before but nothing’s close to having this strong and bold colour. Sorry if the swatch consistency looks like period blood but is the only way I could show it to you under a white backing.

Here’s the completed look! The colour looks subtler under warm lighting, however under natural light the blue somehow changes shade, you’ll get to see in a bit.

With Justin.
I know I look like who, don’t need to remind me.

And his assistant Alan.

More pics of my new hair colour under natural lighting (with adjusted contrast)!
DSC00076 DSC00087DSC00088♥Dblchin

For more enquries on Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon:

391 Orchard Road #05-23,
Ngee Ann City Podium B
Singapore 238872
Appointments: (65) 62381522, (65) 62381514
*Treatment is sponsored, opinions are my own.

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  • Teresa

    From my research when I was expecting (twice), there is no know studies that colouring of hair and hair dyes affect the baby we carry. So, go ahead and colour your hair! I bleached and dyed my hair pink in my 3rd trimester!

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