Shark Week with Discovery Channel

This year I’m pleasantly surprised by the efforts of Discovery Channel because I’m such a shark lover, they decide to send in a lovely media kit inconjunction with the Shark week on Discovery channel. Actually is more like last year I blogged about the Super Yandao Cyril look alike John Benedict from #FINished with Fins, that’s why maybe I get to receive something nice from Discovery Channel this time round!


Besides this bucket full of goodness, I received a line of up ‘Shark’ programs from now until the 19th, do check out discovery channel @ starhub 422/ Singtel 202

It feels good that people are stepping up to do something about marine life.
This sea pollutant mess is no longer just about Shark finning, I actually see pictures of birds coated in oil spills, fishes ingesting plastic waste… Omg what is this? There is too much damaged at sea and it has to stop if not we will lose mother earth sooner than expected.

I’m so happy that I managed to stay free from FIN even though many a times it is served right on the dinner table. I’m cannot advocate the prevention of shark slaying by myself but what I can do is to spread the word hoping people would get the true story behind this ‘delicacy’
Shark finning is a cruel process that leaves the shark to die in the ocean after chopping their fins away. Also just you know Fins are actually tasteless, is the texture people sought for. Take away the fin and your soup will still taste just as good.

Omg, check me out in this ‘Jawsome’ tee, I feel I belong to the ocean.

Hope more of you will take my hand (not so literal la) and join me in this Save the Shark journey.


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