Ryleigh’s Newborn Photoshoot by Awesome Memories Photography

Time flies.
In a blink of an eye, Ryleigh is no longer a Newborn.

Nothing to better remind me of her vulnerable days in still.
When Ryleigh was 2 weeks old, I had a very good friend who came by to shoot her precious moments.

Michelle, together with her husband Alvin from Awesome Memories photography, came in with bags of props to fancy up the entire setting, capturing the most delicate moments of my little girl.
Shooting babies sure is tough, Michelle and Alvin came up early in the morning but was greeted with a screaming baby at the door.
My full term newborn bared her lungs out for little reasons that baffled us to no end, even with my confinement nanny around she was inconsolable for hours as they wait. However, just as Michelle and Alvin were about to go grab some lunch before coming back for a 2nd attempt; like a on off switch, Ry immediately went into her sleeping mode.


So the duo seized the opportunity to capture as many shots as possible.
We had to shift Ry left, right, up and down like a piece of prata in the most meticulous manner; one wrong move and she’ll tear the house down.
One of her ‘Release¬†the Kraken!’ moments.

Their pictures were captivating and powerful, my husb and I had a hard time holding back our tears when we pop by their place to collect the photos. We were first given a house tour (damn their house put ours to shame!) then ushered to a cozy room with a huge TV screen before us. When the slideshow of Ry was turned on our eyes were calling out for paper napkins.

Probably to an outsider these are just simply awww… moments of my little girl but as her parents we have never felt any prouder.
Having her was the best thing that happened to us.
The thoughts, the emotions and 10 months of waiting overwhelmed us as we glued our eyes on the screen.

I cannot thank the people around me (in this case, Michelle and Alvin) enough, what you see below is no amount money that could measure up to. Initially I wanted to forgo the photoshoot because of the impression left by the forceps marks during delivery and also my confinement was a struggle to get by (ok that’s another story another day) but I’m so glad I went ahead with it because now we could look back at these pictures and burst into happy tears together. On a sidenote, Michelle did some finishing touches to Ry’s face to cover up the deep impression.

Michelle was my classmate during our art college days, she’s a passionate and hardworking individual that excelled in her own photography field. Even though we aren’t exactly in the same industry but we’ll be working closely together in this creative field in the near future. I beautify while she shoots, so do look out for more of her works in my later blogposts.
Do check out Awesome Memories facebook https://www.facebook.com/AwesomeMemoriesPhotography and take a look at her wonderful creations online.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of little Ryleigh for she wont stay this way forever and will be on her feet before I know it.

The clock behind 2359 signifies the time that she was born, I dare say she’s the last baby on 26th of August 2014 :)Ryleigh_008
“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!”

The White Rabbit, Alice In Wonderland

Meaning of the Name Ryleigh, Irish origin. Courageous, valiant, just like the way she was brought on to this world, little bruise on the face means nothing.

She sleeps like her father; mouth ajar, taking in all the fresh air.

10 little toes I could count them all day

Brother from a different mom, Richie.

The setting beneath my block, that’s a wine box btw.
Ryleigh_030 Ryleigh_035
“You meant the whole world to me”
says daddy.

Ryleigh_037 Ryleigh_038 Ryleigh_040 Ryleigh_041Ryleigh_047

Thank you Awesome Memories Photography.

Contact Michelle at the following:
Tel: (+65) 92974582
email: love@awesomememories.com.sg
Website: www.awesomememories.com.sg
Instagram: @awesomememoriesphotography

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