Ryleigh’s 1st Birthday @ With A Pinch Of Salt! (Party Part 1)

*Image heavy*

Wow, Time literally fly by.
Ryleigh turned ONE last month!DSC01527

Now that I looked back, that helpless baby a year ago is now able to stand, walk, make gestures and understanding basic stuff like ‘yes, no, gai gai, papa, mama’.
O.M.G. My baby is not so little anymore, soon she’ll be able to talk back at me.
You know uh, I see so much of me in her, I could pictured an argument with “myself” in the near future. *headache*

We celebrated her birthday at With A Pinch Of Salt,(I’ll talk about my venue choices in a separate post).
Ry was having a ball of a time even though she was really tired and didn’t really nap much. She enjoys being in the limelight, what an extrovert!



DSC01559 DSC01538 DSC01536

Ryleigh’s birthday Mascot is Dolphins. Lots and lots of them!
Usually kids at 1 year old don’t really know what they like, so parents will sorta decide for them with regards to the birthday theme.

But we didn’t want that to happen, we wanted something relatable, probably something she’ll see in her daily life.

And so her damn super stinko Dolphine came to mind.
This, is her most precious possession.
IMG_9626Like catnip to feline, this huge roll of ‘cocaine’ keeps her really high whenever she see it.

Dolphins it is.

2 tier birthday cake proudly designed by yours truly and was baked by  iCake

Props and deco all by With A Pinch Of Salt.
I paid additional $250 for a dessert table, you just need to tell them your theme and With A Pinch Of Salt will take care of the rest.DSC01571DSC01567 DSC01531 DSC01529

DSC01542 DSC01557

Ry and her new mobile phone. DSC01556 DSC01555

Trying to call the late comers.

Ry has just mastered walking, so all she does is walk around like.a.little penguin BOSS.

Hello mama, I look up to you (punny).DSC01552 DSC01550
DSC01546 DSC01545 DSC01543   DSC01566 DSC01565 DSC01563

My hb said Ry takes after my notty expression.

Even though the Venue looks awesome, the food choices wasn’t very attractive. It was a little lack in the presentation.
DSC01600 DSC01598 DSC01597DSC01605DSC01604DSC01602DSC01618DSC01601

Carrying my Cousin-in-law’s Son, super yandao!
If looks could kill, I’ll probably be dead by now.DSC01592

Ry with the Yandao boy’s daddy, look at her face so damn tired but still.must.go.on coz is lao niang’s bday.DSC01587

My cousins!DSC01585

Thanks Mint for coming down as well!DSC01584

  DSC01582 DSC01580

Oh, forgot to introduce, yandao boy is Nathaniel.DSC01577

I was carrying the yandao boy when Ry harmlessly walk over like she doesn’t give a hoot.DSC01574

(ry: ey touch simi touch?)DSC01575

Suddenly puts her hand over my shoulder to display her displeasure.
omg look at me, I nearly laughed until dieded.

DSC01629 DSC01628

Ry and her classmate Chloe from infant care. DSC01625 DSC01624

That surge of dolphins…



Ry and Grandma (Paternal).
DSC01615 DSC01613 DSC01612 DSC01611

Ry giving that big wide smile, probably one of her best shot unfortunately it was captured blur.
DSC01608 DSC01606
#ootd-ing outside With A Pinch Of Salt

My group of besties!
Thanks for coming guys!DSC01663
More pics on upcoming post Part 2.

My Birthday Vendors:
With A Pinch Of Salt
iCakes Creative Pte Ltd

Total headcount: 80 (approx)
Time slot : 3pm-6pm (3 hours) Teatime
Budget spent on Venue and Food : $1,500 (approx)
Budget spent on Cream Cake (only Dolphin is Fondant) : $180

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