Ryleigh’s 1st Birthday party – Birthday Venue (Part 3)

I’ve covered Ryleigh’s birthday party pictures for part 1 & 2.
This time round I want to talk a little about the logistics.

I wasn’t aware that my birthday planning for Ry was considered late until I sought help from my neighbour for venues.
She was like ‘Huh? How come you so last minute?” and went ahead to share with me that most parents planned like half a year before their child turned one when I only started getting down to things barely a month before the birthday.

I got super panicky after hearing that. Thus the next 1 week or so, I was practically camping at home researching on birthday venues.
But hor how come plan children’s birthday macham like planning wedding like that? must 1/2 a year in advance?!
Now that I think back I really easily tio scared, people say a bit I super kanjong. lol.

With a budget of 2K, the venues I had in mind were Eat Play Love , Kidz Amaze, With A Pinch Of Salt.
Eat Play Love Cafe (image source)

Eat Play Love Cafe (image source)

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.43.26 am
Kids Amaze

DSC01567With A Pinch Of Salt @ Tanjong Katong

Finally we had decided to go ahead with ‘With A Pinch Of Salt’ because we have been to ‘Eat Play Love’ and wanted to try out something else.
As for Kidz Amaze you need to engage your external caterer because their inhouse package is pretty pricey and food menu is only available for children (I might be wrong on this)

Ok lets run a comparison so you mummies and daddies can take in consideration which to shortlist when you organize future parties.

Food Presentation

But I have to say the food presentation at With A Pinch Of Salt is not attractive at all, it looks dull and a little lack of something (see my part 1 post).
On the contrary I love love the food  they offer at Eat Play Love, they are so delicious, appetizing and looked really pretty!
So  in this aspect, you may consider Eat.Play.Love instead.
With A Pinch Of Salt also offers butler services, that means instead of buffet style each pax gets a 5 course meal for themselves. This is good for a handful of people.
I’m unable to comment with regards to Kidz Amaze, I have yet to attend any parties there.


Party Playtime
For party hours, With A Pinch Of Salt gives up to 3 hours of party time for each guest and Eat.Play.Love only offers 2.5 hours, which is why we eventually chose With A Pinch Of Salt to hold Ry’s birthday because we wanted our guest enjoy themselves a little bit more.
Kids Amaze offers up to 3 hours of room usage and party play at their indoor playground, good for adults with young children. Just let your kids play and have fun at their own little heaven while you adults sit comfortably at your own area and uninterrupted discussions on first world problems.

118218255price tag

Capacity and Pricing
Eat Play Love Minimum 25 Guest, Max 75, average budget around $2000-$2500
With A Pinch Of Salt Minimum spending for close door event $1300-$1600 (depending on which day and time-slot you chose), max 80. Below $2000 budget is achievable for max of 80 pax because they have various pricing for buffet.
KidsAmaze max capacity 60 pax, average budget around $2000-$2500
My side of family is very very big , so is really no possible to go ahead with Kids Amaze.

Additionals-Dessert table
Eat Play Love $300
10429430_10153807859277995_4698322332273896596_n11203155_10153807856957995_4217001467103864738_n11050246_10153807856572995_1640437585458843431_n11049668_10153807859472995_3712136516551081116_n11209763_10153807858882995_2166177207033525961_n     11222967_10153807859632995_6323869787579198293_n
(photo courtesy of my friend Elynn)

With A Pinch Of Salt $250
DSC01540 DSC01538   DSC01532 DSC01623DSC01571

*Birthday Cake is NOT included*


With A Pinch Of Salt is located in the eastern part of Singapore (Tanjiong Katong). Excellent for east siders but not so accessible if you come in by public transport, the nearest mrt from what I’ve notice is Circle Line Dakota (CC8), parking spaces is also pretty limited although they have a small area to park your vehicle. All I have to say is, be proficient in Parallel Parking.

Eat Play Love is located in town near to Arab street (Aliwal Street).
I love this area actually, everytime I head there it’ll always reminds me of my Lasalle days where I studied fashion design. I used to walk around the row of shop houses to get fabrics, sequins, etc. always brings back so much memories. Arab street is a very cultural area to bask yourself in even though Eat Play Love is further in from the merchants that sells fabrics.

Kidz Amaze is part of SAFRA so they have 2 party venues available SAFRA Jurong and SAFRA Toa Payoh.  I think what is attractive about their package is the indoor playground for children, I believe your young children will go crazy when they get there. So brace yourself for lung baring kids.

Verdict on With A Pinch of Salt:
The ambiance of the restaurant, location, space capacity is ideal for me except for the food. It really ‘pinch’ on the presentation, heh, so pun intended.
The restaurant owner Priscilla is very welcoming and nice though, she makes sure everything is in place and that my guest enjoyed themselves.
Is a little squeezy for 80 guest but relatives and friends came and went at different timings so is not too bad.
Overall I have to say is a 7/10 experience at With A Pinch of Salt. Based on 0% conflict and fights, I assume everyone had fun, so is all good!

Here’s the end of my take on the various party places, hope it’ll help you better in deciding on your upcoming kiddo/s birthday venue!

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