Ryleigh’s 1st Birthday party- Birthday Cake (Part 4)

O.M.G This is ridiculous isn’t it? I’m still not done with Ryleigh’s birthday and is been like 3 months, Im still at it. lol.

Ok I admit even though I’m feeling a little slack these days, I actually have a more valid reason behind the lack of post/s.
I’ve injured my hand almost 2 months ago and it was a fractured; a damn bone dissected obliquely on my fifth shaft. I spare you the details of on how it got ‘screw’. Well…probably in another post.

Today I want to share something else that I’m very proud of, which why I saved this for the last.

What you see here is a 2 tier birthday cake designed by yourstruly.
The bases are cream with fondant seashells and Dolphin.

Ok so how did I came up with this?
Initially I was pretty clueless as to what to do, I don’t even have the slightest idea in mind. I see like parents post of their kiddo’s elaborate parties and THAT.FANCY.CAKE.

Boy was I jealous.

And so I nudge the husband and pester him for ideas. He was like “why don’t we go for something relatable to Ryleigh instead of trying so hard to think of a theme?”

That moment favourite Dolphin came in the picture, we immediately knew what to do.

With the Dolphin, I decided consolidate all  ‘Marine life’ I can find from the internet. So I sat infront of the computer, ready to tear the internet down.
Begun searching for baker,  gotten a few quotes and asked for their works , Little Cake Shoppe, The Pine Garden,
dolphin-1 dolphine-2 EasyMermaidCakeTopperSwirlCake

Sea 2-tiers rd1_M2A25 Sea 2-tiers rd6_M2A25


Even with so many wonderful pictures I’ve received from the bakers, I still find that I’m missing something.
I need pinks in my cake!

Ok, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and downloaded a blank dummy cake…

Add in  a few more elements; eg, seashells, pearls, starfish etc. and started getting down to designing my Ry very own cake. florida-white-scallop-seashells-1-3-4-to-2-1-4-10 Pearls  starfish

Even though Little Cake Shoppe was taking the lead in my shortlisted bakers with their super attractive photos, I decided to go for iCakes instead. LCS is a little costly also I’m not a fan of fondant cakes, iCakes on the other hand seems to produce pretty presentable cream cakes.

And So Tada! I came up with this for iCakes!
Check out the super imposed skirt detailed from the barbie doll (previous picture) onto the bottom tier, wo li hai ma?!ryleigh cake version 7

Although the shade of ‘blue’ is a little different (which I’m entirely fine with, though I love seafoam blue a little better) the rest of the cake actually looks pretty similar!

I even got extra 2 star fish on either side of the cake, woo!
ryleigh cake version 7

Bonus Points for me, check out the inside! Is rainbow all over!DSC01668 copyI think for $180 is a pretty good deal for a 3kg 2-tier cake armed with so many details;
Cream cake with rainbow fillings, fondant dolphin and starfishes, even the name is made with fondant icing. The presentation looks great, the cake is yummy, I had friends who are not a fan of cakes or picky cake eaters actually sing praises for our cake!
All in all, I’m very happy with iCakes services! Thank you so much iCakes, the price is definitely worth it!

Parents, do consider iCakes if you ever need customized birthday cakes, happy ordering!

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