Ryleigh’s 1st Birthday- Presents (Part 2)

Actually there is nothing much to part 2, is just that Part 1 is  too lengthy so I decided to shift some random photos that captures Ryleigh while she open her presents.

Lets kick off with a wide shot of her safe guarding her ‘property’.
I swear she loves her presents even though she doesn’t look too pleased here.

à la godzilla trotting the city.
Ry really looks like a boy here but, don’t be fooled, actually she has a small bit of ladylike and super vain. I noticed she lifts up her pinky while trying to hold onto something and many a times when I put her in pretty clothing or headband she loves it very much and will pat gently on the area that is adorn with accessories.
For most times, she just behaves like a boy.
DSC01686 DSC01688

Her very first bagpack!

She loves it!

Shoes that are 1 size bigger, soon it will come to use for her growing feet. DSC01713

More bags!DSC01706

See! see! see! she v happy with the clip on her head even though shes very much botak. Oh and thats me doing my usual pumping before the official weaning.
Also paiseh for the horde of junk floating behind us, is just a part of the unraveling of presents and No my house is not messy at all.

Haha ok see you in my next post!
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