Quick Update on Ryleigh

Hello Everybardy!
Omg how long have I not blogged? Let me see…gosh is been almost half a month!
Ok first of all let me wish everyone a Merry X’mas and a day short of New Year!!!
We are finally approaching 2015 and I’m so very glad I’ve survived the past few months as a mummy! Best of all, Ryleigh has officially upgraded from a Newborn to an Infant(4 months and 5 days)! I was told that she’s a fast learner, she had since learn the art of flipping when she was around 3 months old. Well… with a lot of effort of course but now she has officially attained level 99 of one way flipping.
she practices all the time, so good at it that that I had troubles keeping her still when I change her diapers and sometimes (most of the times) I get poop on my hands. But not to worry clients I always clean my hands thoroughly, just so you know.
I’m still waiting for the day she can successfully turn from east to west so I can childproof my house, for now I just place her in her playmat and let her do her thing. Shes usually calm and placid, able to play by herself for a good half an hour but recently she has been crying out for help after flipping over her tummy as if to tell us she wants to go for another flip back to her back but unfortunately she is still working in progress to master this technique.
Also now we are able to distinguish character better, she is very determined yet ill tempered, scream never give chance, talkative and loudbad-tempered

On the other hand, she can be shy and smiley, easily entertained and could be left alone for long hours. pongpong
Lets just say she took the bad traits after mummy and the good ones after daddy.

I hope she can learn to curb her nasty temper in time to come because if she doesn’t, I’m going to bring her to shop for a rotan.
“you dare meh?!”

Some form of defiance, ok update next time bye bye!

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