Ryleigh, don’t grow up so fast.

It’s been 4 months isn’t it? Sorry for my long absence.
Life has been great, I’ve taken up a new hobby (brace yourself for the next Michelin star lol) and work’s been busy. Though I haven’t been actively blogging, I actually do update my other social media accounts, so you still can catch up with me here, here, here and here .

I’ll try to dedicate a little more time say like once a week to hype up this space again but for now is just some random musing I had while putting my pumpkin to bed yesterday.

Time really flew by in a flash. I still remember the day this loud baring trumpet emerged headfirst to this world. Her massive proportion(3.6kg at birth) was nothing like I imagined her to be, I was in awe by my own ability that this pint size body is able to harvest such a big baby (I thought I’m going have a preemie or an average size of probably? 2.8kg baby) . It was an extraordinary moment for me, for my husband and probably my gynae.

Because she was overdue at 40Weeks 3 days, her vocal cords are as remarkable as Adele’s. When I hear cries of newborns, they sounded like little lambs “bahhh….baahhhh” but Ry , woah~ she was head on heavy metal, leaving you with no mercy.

Oh gawd, those were the days.

Fast forward till today, Ry is already 2.
Soon this young lady will no longer need me by her bedside,
soon she’ll learn to eat and shower by herself,
Soon she learn to change, pee and poo without my aide.

But for now, I’m most happy to be her extra hands and feet till the day she is able to gain full independence.


Yesterday I took out my camera and seized this shot while she sleeps, reminding myself how this vulnerable little thing that I have brought into this world is well on her way to become the greatest negotiator even right down to nappy change. Her never ending story is even more long winded than my grandmother story yet she manages to tug one’s heartstrings every.time.without.fail. The way she hugs and showered me with kisses will forever be etched in my memory.

They say ‘every child is a miracle’, that is indeed true.
Bringing up a kid is never easy (especially if yours have the strength of Hercules) but this is price I’m most willing to pay. To be honest, I do look back at my younger liberal days where freedom was infinite but deep down I know no crazy booze or wild party nights will ever triumph over parenthood.

Ryleigh, you are the best thing that ever happen to me, to us (hello papa)

And for that I thank you Lord, Amen.

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