Rocking Matte lipstain with Meet Matt(e) Huges from The Balm

If matte lipstick is what you love, then The Balm is definitely the range for you.
We all know Brands like Lime Crime and Jeffree star provided awesome mattes as well, however they are far beyond reach and also shipping usually cost a bomb if you plan on ordering small quantities.

So here something you can find at your Local Sasa store:

Lets Meet Matt(e) Huges from The Balm; 8 awesome Matifying shades for you to choose from. DSC03741(Lip colour ‘Adoring’ on my lips)
8 shades: Committed, Honest, Chivalrous, Adoring, Loyal, Devoted, Sentimental, Charming.

The Colours Meet Matt(e) Huges are very pigmented, one swipe and you’ll notice almost Zero opacity but usually I’ll apply twice or thrice to get the lines right. The lipstick also glides on like a breeze and sets onto my skin quickly. Colour does transfer a little if you start taking in oilier food like fried chicken (yums!), char kuay teow etc but drinking is not a problem, so far sipping from a straw pretty much retained my lip colour.
This lipstick comes with a hint of vanilla mint, so everytime I applied Meet Matt(e) Huges, I feel like I’m chilling out with my lips. #Swagmuch

The best thing about Meet Matt(e) Huges , you’ll have a range of ‘safe’ shades to choose from. By safe I mean, to compare with Lime Crime and Jeffree Star,  you don’t need look at their blues and green lip colours (literally) and go scratching your head wondering when you’ll get a chance to use them.
Don’t get me wrong I love crazy colours but in my opinion, I’ll probably avoid wearing these colours out on a normal day to day basis.
What Meet Matt(e) Huges offers are reds, pinks and peaches; colours that I’ll be comfortable in.

Now, lets get acquainted with the colours!

My Original Lip Colour.
I do have a nice pink undertone, so any colours the goes on look pretty much look like how it came in the packaging.
However, my lips are really dry and so I always need to prep and moisturize it before putting on any lip colour.

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Huges



Very Bubblegum-ish pink that really pops ,good to wear with light dusty pink blush.





Cherry pink, good for creating gradation without looking like blood oozing out from your lips.





A peachy neutral shade, so day to day even when wearing to the wet market to buy fresh fish also confirm no one will judge you.



With my private limited vocab I can only say this shade is very close to a wall brick and I happened adore it very much. charming



Bright Peachy Shade, almost koreanish.




Red Cherry Pink that is good for the entire lips but not so recommended for gradient effect. If you do that, you will look as if you had blood stains on your lips, Some people like that effect though.




The Chili Red that almost every brand carries. Loyal



This ‘Red’ has got a little deep purple undertone, if one day I get to walk on a red carpet you’ll definitely see me flaunting this shade out.


Hope you like my review and swatches, thank you Sasa for sending them awesome shades in!

*products are sponsored, opinions are my own

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