[Review] Rimmel London Brow Shake Tools

With the ever changing brow trend, brands are coming up with new and innovative techniques to aide us in drawing our brows. Here’s the latest brow game from RIMMEL LONDON, the BROW SHAKE FILLING POWDER for easy filling in of brows.DSC07922

Rimmel Brown Shake Filling Powder
Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder retailing at S$12.90, available in 3 shades: Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Soft Black

The Brow Shake Filling Powder comes in a pocket size cone shaped tube.  Shake to activate the balls in tube, this way it will help to keep product fresh and able to distribute product evenly onto the applicator.
DSC07956 DSC07958
With the soft top flexible applicator, you are able to fill and define your brow shape easier using light strokes. During the first few uses, applicator might be overwhelmed with more product than usual, so what you need to do is to dab up product slightly onto a piece of tissue before applying on your brows.

Korean inspire soft brows using Medium Brown to defining stronger brows using soft black

To achieve that Koreanish look, use small strokes on the centre and feather out at the edge, this will give the brows a softer and blurrier finish. However if you are looking for an edgier feel, use short light strokes to line the rim and fill in accordingly thereafter.

Because the applicator works like a q-tip, you are able forgo the spoolie to achieve the feather out look yet still able to achieve full and photo-ready brows.

Rimmel Brow This Way Fibre Pencil
Rimmel Brow This Way Fibre Pencil retailing at $8.90, available shades: Medium, Dark

If you are looking at more boost with arches and précised brow-tail. I highly recommend using a pencil to as a outline. Similar to the concept of lip liner and lipstick, you line it well before filling them in.

Here’s a comparison on using just Brow this Way fibre pencil before laying Brow shake filling powder on top.

Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara    DSC07933DSC07961
Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara retailing at S$18.90

I guess many of us are frustrated with the oh-so-short life span of our mascaras drying out too quickly creating a clumpy mess. Rimmel New Volume Shake Mascara keeps your mascara good for an extended period of time, with the unique water gel structure made up of water and waxes, all you need to do is to shake the mascara vertically 3-5 times and your bulk will turn from dry to creamy for zero-clump, smudge-free lashes.

However, this mascara carries a heavier base thus it tends to weigh your lash down.  What you need to do is curl your lashes before application, wait for mascara to dry out a little before apply a 2nd coat.

Here’s a completed look using Rimmel products!
DSC07998(Lips from Limecrime ‘Pink Velvet’, no foundation applied)

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