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The lack of time to head out after becoming a mother has led me to take better care of myself in the bathroom.
In order to compensate for lost time, I make it up by spending more time indulging in luxurious body care; feel better, smell better.

This delightful box of Goodies from VARDI & MIGDAL has made me a very happy person.DSC00007

Body fragrances, Body wash, Scrubs, lotions, really thoughtful of them to pamper me from head to toe. DSC00004

Made with natural ingredients; Vardi & Migdal brings in Dead Sea Minerals, Gold and Black Caviar into their products helping to regenerate and relaxes the mind and soul with spa-quality products.

The unique properties of the Dead Sea Minerals is able to relieve skin disorders (e.g psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema), help with anti-aging, respiratory disorders and hypertension, ease rheumatic discomfort, relaxing the body and more.
Is inner and outer wellness altogether.

Vardi & Migdal Body Butter
Vardi & Migdal Spa Exfoliating Shower Gel In Lavender DSC00010

Available in 5 Fragrances S$75.00 :Lavender, Pear Tree, White Flower, Peach & Wild Flower and Vanilla & Yogurt.

First impression, Rich, Creamy and loaded with fragrance. Is almost perfumy you don’t even need to dab on your usual EDT.
Having said it is creamy, it actually absorbs into the skin fast with little stickiness leaving only the lavender scent behind.
The only downside like I’ve mentioned in my other beauty post before is, I’m not keen on the idea of digging those finger into the tub.
Even though is not much of a big deal dipping them in because I no longer have long nails which probably might harbor excess products at the nail plate(really annoying to wash it away), I’m still not a fan of having to scoop up the products (in a jar) with my bare hands.

Available in 5 Fragrances S$45.00 Lavender, Peach & Wild Flower, Pear Tree, Vanilla & Yogurt and White Flower.

Spa Exfoliating Shower Gel is a 2 in one product; shower and exfoliate all at one go. Made for busy mummies like me when the young one suddenly wake up screaming from their nap while I’m in the shower.
This gentle exfoliation helps to polish off my dead skin thereafter leaving it smooth and velvety. Enriched with nourishing Dead Sea minerals and real loofah fiber, these exfoliant are made so fine,  it feels oh-so gentle on my skin. Because of its incapacity to foam up with lathered; Sensitive skin users, this is the right product for you.
However this has to be used hand in hand with your preferred body moisturizer, as your pores will be opened and exposed after exfoliation.DSC00020

Vardi & Migdal Body Lotion in Nicety RomanceDSC00021
Available in 4 Fragrances S$40.00 Bubble Dream, Charm Seduction, Flower Whisper and Nicety Romance.

In comparison to the Body Butter, this Body Lotion carries a feather light consistency. With that being said, it smells rather faint as well. I enjoyed the conditioning properties of Shea Butter & jojoba oil yet it nothing too over powering in terms of scent. Some lotions annoys me to no end, whenever I’m done applying a product after shower, the moment my clothes come on it’ll automatically ‘kisses’ me skin. The non greasy formula of Vardi & Migdal Body Lotion keeps my skin stick-free with that velvety finished.

Vardi & Migdal Body Mist in Nicety Romance

Available in 4 Fragrances S$40.00 Bubble Dream, Charm Seduction, Flower Whisper and Nicety Romance.

First impression of this body mist, hmm…can I say it smells like men’s cologne? When I first inject the nozzle, out comes a very peculiar and strong smell but don’t be fooled by it, patience is the key.  Once the scent settles in, the sweet smelling Nicety fragrance will engulfed your senses.  But remember to spritz this at a distance so that the scent will not be too concentrated on one particular area.

Vardi & Migdal Milk Soap in Pear Tree
Vardi & Migdal Souffle Salt Scrub in PeachDSC00050
Souffle Salt Scrub Available in 4 Fragrances S$90.00 Apple, Lemon, Peach, Raspberry

Milk Soap Available in 4 Fragrances S$45.00 Lavender, Pear Tree, White Flower and Peach.

Vardi & Migdal Souffle Salt ScrubDSC00052
Containing a truckload of essential minerals and vitamins, Souffle Salt Scrub helps nourishes and smoothens skin. The minerals that exfoliate not only helps clean out all day debris, they also managed to mow out all the dead skin leaving you the rejuvenated self.
If you want to compare with Spa Exfoliating Shower Gel, I have to say this has a rougher texture feel, excellent for areas like kneecap, elbows and the sole of your feet.

The lightly peach scent makes my bath time more pleasant and indulging than usual. DSC00054

Vardi & Migdal Milk SoapDSC00057
Never in my life I have come across a Pear scented shower foam,
I’m also in love with the packaging; bottle looks almost vintage, very similar to a old splash perfume bottle with a stopper except is tightly secured with a twisted open cap.
Whats awesomer is, not only is pretty on the outside, the product is almost very luxurious. I love how hydrating my skin feels after using, that soft and silkening feeling.

After Reviewing the above, I have selected my 2 favourites:
Vardi & Migdal Body Butter & Vardi & Migdal Milk SoapDSC00900After all the negativity about Tub packaging with regards to Vardi & Migdal Body Butter , I Still couldn’t pass up how moisturizing my skin feels after using yet product absorbency is so quick, the butter immediately sets in leaving only that smooth, non-sticky feeling. Plus I’ve gotten compliment from my hub saying that I smell nice after showering. Since lavender helps to calm the body and mind, this is daily regiment before settling in bed.

As for Vardi & Migdal Milk Soap; aside from the therapeutic proprieties, the scent is what makes it my few favourites. Nothing tops the chart of my list with such unique and sweet flavour, non edible though ;)

Thanks Vardi & Migdal for sending in such lovely items. Give them a Thumbs up on their FACEBOOK PAGE to view upcoming promotions and giveaways.

*This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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