Review On Milly’s Falsies (Miracle Mink Cluster) @ Suntec

A while ago I popped by Milly’s newest outlet at suntec for lash extensions service.



There is nothing happier being able to witness Milly’s growth for the past few years. When I first join Milly’s under their sponsorship scheme, there were only 2 prime outlets (bugis street + Far East plaza) but now, not only Far East plaza had extended to other units to serve their growing customers, Millys had also launched their foot at bugis cube as well as suntec!
I’m very grateful even though I’ve been missing in action for the past 1 year or so (due to motherly duties), Milly’s is always happy to accept my appointment/s, taking time to groom me from head to toe.

As I step into Milly’s at suntec, I couldn’t help but in awe by the classy interior of their boutique, it looks so different from their usual girly shop front.DSC01749 DSC01748 DSC01747 DSC01746 DSC01744 DSC01741 DSC01740 DSC01739 DSC01738The high chairs (for hair extensions), arm chairs(nails) and lazy chairs(lash extensions/brow embroidery) makes everything looks so complete.
They also have individual rooms now, cater for clients who wants to get waxing done.
Really very thoughtful of Milly’s to extend from just nail service to a one-stop beauty portal.

This visit I had gotten a new set of lashes done. Slightly different from what I normally do (single strand fur lash) I opted for Miracle Mink Cluster instead.
IMG_0641 IMG_0640 IMG_0639 IMG_0631

While Miracle Mink Cluster is slightly more ‘durable’ as compared to single strand fur lash; the reason being, for Miracle Mink Cluster, you’ll get a few strands of extensions clustered into a bundle before applying onto your real lash, thus there are some extended latch when you opt for bundle lashes, this way your extensions will last longer.

For single strand fur lash, it is completed by applying individual lash strand onto your real lashes. If you rub your eye excessively, the extensions will come off faster than you think.

However, at current no other bundle lashes are able to give the effect of single strand fur lash. Because it is applied on individually, it makes me eyes look more lifted and bright.
All in all, my favourite technique is still single strand fur lash.
If you are like me, be sure to ask for
Fur lash when you visit!

Do remember to quote ‘dblchin/clara’ to enjoy the following!

  • Basic eyebrow embroidery at $199 only (does not include touch up. Usual price: $299)
  • $5 off lash extensions
  • Single color gelish manicure at $20

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