Review on Lumine Japan 3D skincare

I must admit I’ve been neglecting my skin since I had Ryleigh, sometimes I even skip my night routine because I’m lazy tired to do anything.

I’m glad Lumine decides to send me a set of skincare regiment to get motivated again. I was pretty thrilled because it consisted a full set of skincare, came just in time and I’m in dire to try out new things.

Lumine  Japan 3D Skincare Range
from left: Lumine Hydrating Facial Foam 3D, Lumine Skin Balancing Lotion 3D, Lumine Advance Skin  White Essence 3D, Lumine Beauty Repair Essence 3D and Lumine Rich Emollient Moisturizing Cream 3D

I’ve been religiously on Lumine regiment for a few weeks now and I have to say I really enjoy using them as it helps to sculpt my face by maintain its sharpness despite the weight gain over this festive season.

The awesome thing about LUMINE 3D Skincare is that does not contain any artificial chemical, coloring, fragrance and even preservatives. It is completely natural and is strongly recommended by the beauty experts from Japan-West Cosmetic Industry Association. This give me assurance to use the product at ease.
Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 3.29.20 pm

LUMINE Japan 3D Skincare is an original series of premium facial care product that aims at delivering 3 major benefits to the users:-

1) Patented 3D face sculpting technology
The entire series of LUMINE 3D skincare is produced with a nano-molecular structuring technology that enable fast absorption to the deepest skin hypdermis layer (most skincare can only reach only to epidermis or dermis layers), stimulate existing facial muscles to become firmer, sharper and more dimensional. This unique skincare technology can help naturally shape facial features for deeper eye set, higher cheeks, sharper nose bridge and toned jaw lines and reduced double chin.

2) A huge collection of precious Ingredients
Apart from using many precious botanical and herbal natural-originated ingredients, it uses the precious Salmon Ikura, secretly known for more than 200 years only amongst the social high society in Japan, for its high placenta-like skin healing abilities.

3) Concentrated
It is very thick to touch and highly concentrated. Only a small amount is needed to deliver fast but long-lasting results. It is so natural and concentrated that users can at first identify the ikura (smell) but only to find it disappear after they have been completely absorbed into the skin!

Lumine Hydrating Facial Foam 3DDSC03890

Rich Creamy paste; 1 dollop is enough to conquer the entire face.

Lumine Hydrating Facial Foam contains Red Ginseng Extract as well as Japan Brown Seaweed Extract and Cordyceps Sinensis, it helps to purify and cleanse deeply leaving it smooth and ready for your next step of skin regimen. In addition to that, this product helps lather up a good amount of foam, feels very clean yet do not poise that over cleansed after-feel.

DSC03887 DSC03886

Lumine Skin Balancing Lotion 3D


Containing extract of Coix Lacryma Jobi and Coenzyme Q10 which is an anti-aging agent, it simultaneously helps with absorption of the product leaving your skin looking younger and more youthful.

I’ll never fail to double cleanse with Lumine Japan 3D toner, is an essential step for me especially after removing a full face makeup. It helps to clean away impurities that which might have missed out during the previous step.
However for alternate mornings, I usually jump straight to this lotion in order not to over clean my skin, this way it will keep my skin soft and supple for the day.



Lumine Advance Beauty White Essence 3D

What is love without a little whitening? Lumine Advance Beauty White Essence helps bring out the radiance of the skin by its active ingredient, the whitening essence. Along with help if Placental Protein and Royal Jelly, skin feels more brighter (not necessarily whiter) rejuvenated.

Even though Lumine Advance Beauty White Essence carries wholesome goodness of ingredients for my skin, this is actually the least favourite product that I enjoy. The scent of this product smells weird, perhaps not my cup of tea but I continued using them together as part of my regiment in order to see the results.

Lumine Beauty Repair Essence 3D
Rejuvenation is probably the key to this product, with a high concentration of Placenta and Caviar extract, it enables the skin to regenerate giving new cells a chance to be reborn.

From not loving Lumine Advance Beauty White Essence to mad love for Lumine Beauty Repair Essence, loving how moisturized my skin felt after using the clear serum minus the stickiness. And when applied at night, I get to wake up with good skin!DSC03842

Lumine Rich Emollient Moisturizing Cream 3DDSC03904

Containing Marine Collagen, Caviar, Placenta Protein and Coenzyme Q10, this chock–full of goodness helps your skin regain its natural youth and radiance at the same time combating the signs of aging by forestalling them from happening; like what many say ‘prevention is better than cure’

The name speaks for itself, very rich in consistency that 2x pea size is sufficient for the entire face.
It does feels a little sticky nut once applied but goes away really quick, so give it a minute of 2 after application for that smooth velvety feel.

Lumine is considerably a luxury skincare in the Japan retail market, Even though their product are made up of luxurious active ingredients and high quality packaging, Lumine is made affordable for our local market. Not only that, the simplicity and ease of use on this product help us consumers like us greatly.
No complication to their step-by-step, all are listed in ascending order.

Last but not least, are you ready for the comparison reveal ???



lets take a look at the before photo!


Brace yourself…..



 okays, just kidding,
that’s just my daughter caught by an unflattering angle.
Sorry Ryleigh.

Here’s a before and after shot of me, please don’t expect magic because it ain’t magic.
On the left picture I was actually weighing 2kg lighter than that right but apparently Lumine Japan 3D skincare helps to maintain my face shape despite eating so much over this CNY season. Usually when I gain weight, my face is the first to show but this time round I’m glad it retained its sharpness, a very surprising result indeed! I was expecting myself to ballooned up like my little kid up there but yay to Lumine, there is little difference after weight or or non at all!

left picture taken 3weeks ago, right was taken yesterday

Thank you Lumine, now I can enjoy rest of the CNY indulging all the sinful stuff without too worrying too much.
Giving myself a few more days of grace, shed them extras after this sunday!

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*This post is sponsored, opinions are my own

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