Even though making people look good is my forte, I’m still a tad bit backward in the regiment of skin caring.
Now that I’m in my big ‘3’ there is no room for neglecting the base work. With a child onboard, all these time and energy has taken its toll on my skin I cannot denied gravity has started to get acquainted with me. I know it’s time to step up on my skincare, and using a good serum is one of the most important things I have to do.

After hearing so much about LANCÔME GÉNIFIQUE , I was delighted to review the key products from their ‘ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE ‘ range.
“ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE is a skincare product that repairs and activates the skin’s signs of youth. It was certainly a bold move to completely recreate a skincare product acclaimed all over the world. However, to ensure that women are even happier and more beautiful, Lancôme rose to the challenge of making GÉNIFIQUE their most complete, most advanced and most perceptible Youth Activating Concentrate. ”

Besides getting back my sanity, restoring youthful skin is one of the key factors I hope to target after pregnancy. After almost a year of being a mom,my daughter is now beginning to understand more about the ‘human’ life. With her needs slightly more in-line nowadays, it’s definitely time to revive my skin. .

(Youth Activating Concentrate)DSC00829
With 14 years of cutting-edge research and groundbreaking discoveries, Lancome is definitely a brand my skin is able to rely on.
Lancôme proposes a new definition of youthful skin based on 10 signs;
Fine lines, Coarse Wrinkles, Radiance, Clarity, Evenness, Texture, Resiliency, Tonicity, Firmness, Sagginess,
each one clinically measurable. Results of these studies tested over 4,000 women of difference ethnicities across the globe are measurable to the 10 signs as listed down below:

• Fine lines are diminished by 42%
• Wrinkles are smoothed by 46%
• More radiance 52%
• More clarity 47%
• More evenness 42%

• Texture is improved by 57%
• Elasticity is improved by 50%
• More tonicity 49%
• Skin is firmer by 48%
• Sagginess is reduced by 46%

For the overly exhausted me, Day and night, LANCÔME ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE works doubly hard in performing double action on key signs of youth: it repairs and activates visible signs for an unprecedented youthful skin result.

Suitable for all skin types, ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE is the first and essential step of every beauty routine. I seriously do not know what have I been living under previously. (a rock perhaps? lol.) DSC00975 DSC00980
Even though the Iconic ‘Little Black Bottle’ remains, the Youth Activating Concentrate has since advanced to a special design, convenient for the busy ladies in us. Its self-load dropper inspired by automatic droppers used in research laboratories, helps to deliver perfect precised dose. With one twist, it takes up just the right amount of product for optimal application.

It is so cleverly designed I was caught by surprised with the loaded product when I twist open the cap. When I ejected the product on to my palm, it just dispensed the perfect amount for my face and neck.DSC00831

I love the lightweight texture and the faint baby-powder scent, reminds me of my daughter everytime I use it!

Because is so lightweight, my skin is quick to absorb the product. Thus no matter what the primary skin concern you may have,
LANCÔME ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE (Youth Activating Concentrate) is always the first step to our skin regiment for both morning and night after toner application.

(Eye Illuminator Youth Activating Concentrate)DSC01073
“Advanced Génifique has opened the door to the future of cosmetics since its launch. Breakthrough cosmetics with almost magical performance.”

Magical indeed, Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ has earned its no.1 place amongst women all over the world (based on 4 weeks of consumer testing on 50 women), no wonder it is so acclaimed with more than 150 international beauty awards.

It’s true that eyes can talk. Whenever I’m feeling lethargic, the dead giveaway are my eyes. Often, I hear my husband telling me “ey 你还没睡醒啊?” Even though I’m up for half a day but the tiredness is showing through the windows of my soul. Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ is a constant booster for me; not only does it help to lift the eyes, it also helps to subside those dreadful eyebags.

Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ is protected by seven patents: a formula infused with light and a new flexible applicator uniting metal and elastomer, working together in perfect harmony for unprecedented performance.

The Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl™ applicator comes in a flexible pearl tip that helps massage my eyes ‘ergonomically’. I learnt this word from my babywearing experience; my carrier is so good (and expensive) that it helps avoid stress or injury to the back at the same time providing optimum comfort, so anything ergonomic must be good! Haha!
I specially clean up the applicator so you can see how it looks like when it is product-free.
With the new-generation Light-Pearl™ applicator, it ensures maximum flexibility at a 80° rotation angle. This way the tip is capable of reaching even the most inaccessible eye areas.

To ensure optimal results, here are the recommended steps to beautiful and younger-looking eyes :

Step #1-Apply Product in circular movementsDSC00993

  Step #2 and #3
#2- To de-puff the eyelids, draw small circles under the eyes
#3-Zig Zag movements at the outer corner of the eyes, this will ensure wrinkles are smoothened out.

Step #4- To open up my gaze, apply light pressure on pumping points. DSC00992

Step #5- Apply soft tapping motions (I recommend using ring ringer) to help the product fully absorb into the skin.DSC01023

(Youth Activating Eye Concentrate)DSC00824
Lancôme’s Advanced Youth Activating Eye Concentrate, contains an anti-aging complex to further enhance the ‘awake-ness’ of my eyes. It helps to combat signs of fatigue which affect the eye area.

Because of its concentration, I was expecting this jar of goodness to be thick and creamy. To my surprise, it had a very light texture and leaves a velvety finish on the skin. Not forgetting the pleasant scent emitting form the product, keeps users refreshed and energized.

DSC01036 DSC01043

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