Review on Brow Embroidery at Allure Beauty

If you have follow my updates and post, you’ll probably know I’ve done my first brow embroidery way back in 2009.
During that time, thin sparse arch brows are the ‘in’ thing, the more arch the better.
I was so proud of it!

Archy thin old brows (post link)

But looking back now, these brows are way overrated.
It doesn’t frame my face and makes me look slightly old. To add on, the embroidery made my brows look asymmetrical. Doesn’t look very obvious but it seems too unbalanced for my liking.

Because of my past experience, I contemplated a little when Silver introduced me to Allure Beauty.
I felt like in the past I was a little duped into this brow embroidery thing because the previous salon mentioned that the results are semi-permanent and it will go away in a year or so and by the time should I decide to change my brow shape, I could just get them redraw and embroidered.
I know it really depends on each individual’s skin type but to be honest is been more than 7 years but the colours feels strong as soot, thus I presumed it was inked pretty deep into the skin. Yes for a while I was quite happy but as the trend progress I find myself having to conceal parts of the inked area just to redraw my brows.

After reading a bit on Allure Beauty online  to get to know them a little bit more, I decided to take up the offer and try out their brow design.
Don’t get me wrong, even though there are mixed reviews online, I’ve filtered out those I felt who just wanted to bring a brand down. Likewise for hotel reviews, actually most of them are not as bad as it seems but some reviewers just want to pinch on nitty gritty things. We should be wise enough to differentiate constructive vs non constructive criticism.

Here at Allure Beauty City Square Mall #03-29/30




Allure Beauty is nothing like your average Beauty Salon, they really have trained experts to help you map out your ‘Golden Ratio’

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.43.12 am

 So what exactly is  ‘Golden Ratio’?

From the graph above, Golden Ration is a method that helps measure the brows to help bring balance and proportion to them.
Golden Ration is not a one size fits all thing but a method that could help to customize brows that is suitable for your face shape,. Here are some detailed explanation from the press released:

“No one’s features are the same. To map out your golden ratio, the Brow. Experts at Allure Beauty first calculates the exact starting and ending points, taking the ideal arch in consideration for each individual face.
Next, she sections the face into thirds – the first section comes from the top of the forehead to the top of the eyebrows, the top of the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose is the second section while the final section should be from the top of the Cupid’s bow to the bottom of the chin.

Taking all of the above in consideration, the experts work to customize the perfect set of brows.”

So here’s me with my old and sparse brows.
You’ll notice the tail of my brow are curved inwards which makes it really hard to correct when I draw my brows. DSC00011

Stroke by stroke, the brow expert Michelle carefully crave out a new shape for me.
Don’t be alarm, we haven’t gotten to the real deal yet. This is just an initial brow design to give you an idea how your brows will look like after getting embroidered.  DSC00017

So here’s a completed side for the left! What a vase different from the before photo (right)!
Stroke by stroke, Michelle fill in the empty areas to mimic my fine eyebrow hair.

Here a complete look for both sides!
Very natural and soft looking.

The most important factor before they start inking is that you have to be happy with the design that was mapped out for you coz, you know it’ll last for a while.
If you are still thinking of alterating the shape a little, do remember to highlight to your therapist.

Once you are confirm like double confirm, they will proceed to numb the brow area for a good 20 minutes before the session starts.
So just relax, chill or go for a short window shopping and terrorize all the mannequins in the mall.


After the good 20 mins, they’ll sat me down again on the high chair to draw my brows one last time in preparation for ink. DSC00028

Ok very happy liao, time to go in and lie comfortably.DSC00031

Ok this is the blade used, looks frightening but actually nothing one la!
If it gives you jitters, just request them not to show you the blade.
After 5 minutes into the embroidery session, I got so comfortable I knocked out.
The luxury of getting pampered, shiok, when at home I’m the servant to queen Ry Ry.

Here’s the end result! Tada!
Looks like a thick hor but actually it’ll fade out within a week and the embroidered area will look as natural the fine hairs on your brows.

See the strokes very define and refine.

DSC00061 (to enlarge image, click on the pic)

Here’s my brow progress!

Here’s the recommended aftercare progress:
For Day 1 to Day 7

-Waterproof brows during daily face wash/shower to protect the colour and also not to come in contact with water.
-Apply a think layer of soothing cream given by Allure Beauty (2-3 times a day or whenever necessary)to prevent itching and keep brows supple and moisturize so that colour will last longer.


Obviously, I didn’t keep to it coz I’m a rebel.
So from day 3 onwards I stopped waterproofing my brows and I gotten lazy kept forgetting to apply the soothing cream after day 4. Bad decision because it got pretty shabby looking after a week and also I did the greatest sin of all by “attempting to pick on it!”
Then again, I was highlighted that usually the first session colour doesn’t stay that well but once the touchup is done, the colours will stay for a good 2-3 years depending on your skin.

Do stay tune for my touch up post!

For more on Allure Beauty Singapore, visit them at:
Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A Tel: +65 6270 8845
Bukit Batok West Mall #04-10 Tel:+65 6898 2242
City Square Mall #03-29/30 Tel:+65 6509 8859 / +65 6270 8845
Tampines One #04-34 Tel:+65 6481 3608

*Treatment is sponsored, opinions are my own.
*Results vary for each individual

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