Review: New Huggies Platinum Pants

Last week I received a bunch of goodies from Huggies® Hug Kit.

Though  I wasn’t obligated to do a blogpost but I wanted share with you my thoughts about their New Huggies Platinum Pants that was the main feature of this package.img_0147

New Huggies Platinum Pants  accompanied with the lion blankie/bath towel

Heart shaped plush with a Baby board book. img_0152

The new Huggies platinum pants which Ry is leaning her chin on comes in 33pieces.
At 26 months (2 years 2months), Ry is weight almost 13kg thus she is befitted for Size L (10-14kg)
Also on the packaging it stated ‘overnight absorbency’, which means is good for long hours usage throughout the night. dsc05276
I was pretty puzzled by the number of pants in this pack, my usual pull-ups buys (mainly Mamy poko and Drypers) only contains 24-30 pieces already filled 2 tier of the pack but 33pieces in 1 pack, how is that possible?

Was pleasantly surprised when I Ry tore open the packaging, the diapers looked indeed very ‘slim’!
Very compact with lots of cute cartoony pics which will interest picky toddlers at her age :D
dsc05288(2 designs available in each pack)

Wah look at her, giving the diaper a thorough inspection, Quality control at it’s finest.
dsc05290 dsc05291

My lil pumpkin is quick to show off when I asked her to lift her shirt up for a picture. dsc05298

Size L fits just right on her, so we are giving it a trial run. dsc05299

“Goodnight Everyone!”dsc05301

To test the absorbency, I gave her a last nappy change at 11pm-11:30pm (accompanied with a thick layer of Desitin diaper cream) when she’s fast asleep. I’ll change her only the next morning when she wakes up which is usually between 7:30am-8am, so is approx an 8 hour duration. Good to test for absorbency, leakage and any skin reaction towards the diaper.

So this is the collected pee (from last night) during her first nappy change of  day. (sorry NSFB= Not Safe For Breakfast)
Apparently it doesn’t feels too ‘swollen’ as compared to some diapers which after a while starts to swell up like the glutinous rice dumpling, macham like anytime the diaper can tear apart like that.

Plus I’ve since cut her off her last dream feed at 11:30 ish (where I feed and change her diapers at the same time) so probably the amount of urine is reduced.

dsc05303I’ve never used pull up pants for night use, usually I’ll stick to tape diapers because it is easier to lay her on her back  and also for me to apply diaper cream on her but why I decide to give this a try is because it has this resealable velcro tape at the side.
It enables me to wear on the diaper first then peel one side off to apply the cream and seal it back like a breeze. dsc05304

dsc05307Aside from Mamy Poko,  I do not know of other diaper that could conveniently roll up the used diapers and tape it for easy disposal. I’m glad the new Huggies Platinum Pants comes with the velcro sides, even though I’m not really sure if this is made for such purpose, I’m glad I could seal it up nicely before chucking them in the bin. dsc05308
Pros: Great absorbency, slim pack, good for outdoor use. If I bring her out for shopping etc, I’ll definitely bring this along and chuck it in my mini diaper bag. Because of the excellent absorbent strength , I can drag longer hours for each nappy change. Also the convenience of disposing the diaper, you can roll it up nicely and wrap like a present for the dustbin. So far she shows no skin allergy towards this diaper.

Cons: There was one time I let her wear this to nap in her jammies and left the room abruptly for her to self sooth so I could get some chores done. When I came back to her she was completely Stark Naked! Because the side Velcro enables easy adjustment thus the tear strength is weaker, She is able to take off everything including the diaper! And she gave me the ultimatum by peeing on the bed, that one really did ‘pissed’ me off.

However, all in all I will definitely include this in my next purchase but I’ll probably consider it as an outdoor and night diaper.

Hope you like my review!

*Products are sponsored but review is written in my own words.

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