Review Neutrogena® Deep Clean Foaming cleanser

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We all know a healthy facial regiment starts with good Cleansing habits, that is why is essential to clean your face at least twice a day.

Unfortunately, a lot of facial cleansers are unable to achieve the efficiency of cleaning thoroughly causing dead skin to harbor on the surface thus making the skin look seemingly dull overtime.
Introducing Neutrogena® Deep Clean range, a cleanser that helps to clean 99% of impurities from deep within your skin leaving it brighter and more hydrated.
From left: Neutrogena® Deep Clean Brightening foaming cleanser and Neutrogena® Deep Clean Hydrating foaming cleanser.

Since the day I got pregnant, the odds of having ‘good’ skin hasn’t been in my favour. Also as my pregnancy progress, I was pretty trouble by the dull gloomy skin caused by the pregnancy hormones.
With Neutrogena heritage of deep cleansing in the past 60 years, I’m so glad that they’ve provided 2 new types of cleansers base of different skin conditions so I could try and test out the ‘Brightening’ formula for myself.
I’ve already heard of Neutrogena in my teens, those were the times where the good ole neturogena soap bars and classic orange packaging were in raved.
Because the strong legacy in deep cleansing, these highly raved products stayed classic till this day but fancier packaging and colours were soon introduce to modern adults like us! I always wonder what’s the secret to Neturogena’s deep cleansing formula that manages to reach out the the deeper surfaces of the skin yet able to aid skin returned to its normal pH with no soapy residue…

Ok back to my current favourite product ‘Neturogena Brightening Foaming Cleanser
I believe the reason the radiant skin comes from their Vitamin Complex and mulberry extracts. Ahhh… that explains the subtle fruity fragrance emiting from this product, is pretty addictive I tell you.
With slightly more than a pea size amount, you are able to lather into a thick creamy foam.
This, is suffice to clean the whole face including my neck area.
I love how gentle and smooth it glides on my face and the surprisingly I’m still able to achieve a even richer lather as I run my palms around my face in circular motion. Rinsing also takes faster than usual, I noticed some of my facial cleanser takes forever to rinse the product out from my face but with Neutrogena is a breeze to cleanse thoroughly and quickly.

Like I’ve mentioned above, it leaves no annoying soapy feeling to my skin, I feel squeaky clean without over-dryness. Thus with my foundation step on thorough cleanse skin checked, I can put my mind at least for better absorption with my other skincare products e.g toner, serum, moisturizer etc.
I actually did a self blackheads extraction (using the tradition metal pole extractor) prior to washing my face and at that point of time my nose area is really Rudolph red.
So glad that Neutrogena is not only able to bring down the redness but also able to retain moisture on my skin!

See the redness on my skin is vastly reduced after towel drying as compare to the above picture (after cleansing), also it looks less traumatized over here!
With Neutrogena, I’ll be able to remove unwanted impurities that embeds deep into the skin and also skin colour alterations caused by pregnancy. I’d suppose I’ll be very dependent on this product from now to the last leg of my pregnancy till the point I’m unable to touch water, aka confinement.

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In order to sketch a beautiful painting one must start of with a clean canvas, thus nothing beats a good cleanser like Neutrogena.

*Neutrogena Deep Clean Range Retails at  S$11.50. Available at Guardian, Watsons, NTUC, leading pharmacies and supermarkets
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