[Review] My experience with London Weight Management

London Weight Management

Singapore Quality Brand Award 2013/2014

AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards 2013:

Winner for Best Beauty and Weight Loss Provider

Established in 2001, London Weight Management has been widely received by female customers with weight issues. The efficacy of their customised weight loss programmes have brought new hope to those who have been battling with weight problems most of their lives. To date, countless women have experienced promising weight loss results from their breakthrough weight management success.

 photo lwm2.png
Everyone has weight issues, from teens to aunties (ok lets leave grandmas out) and me. Sometimes I would inspect myself in the mirror before heading for the shower, conveniently grabbing areas where I thought fat would never accumulate for a petite frame like me.
Unfortunately like a pun, I was wrong on so many levels, age really catches up and gravity is not as defying as it seemed during the yesteryear.
I uncover the areas around my arms getting flabbier than ever, the insides of my thigh is slowly coming together, wouldn’t be surprise they starting rubbing against each other.

Ok this is not even remotely close but you get what I’m talking about.

In short I felt like a Michelin in Transition.

Back to the subject, I was invited to try out the services from London Weight Management a few weeks ago which I had gladly accepted.
You’ll probably be screaming “B*tch please, you are already skinny why do you need to lose weight?!”
Wait! Since I’m already below my BMI, my key visit to London is not so much to losing weight. Instead, losing measurement is a more viable option for me, I rather weigh the same in order to have a more structure body than seeing myself lighter on a scale but looking like a wash board.

 photo lwm3.png
London Weight Management at Novena Square branch #03-26/27
In celebration of London Weight Management newly outlet, floral stands overwhelmed the shopfront with pouring congratulatory from various companies.
 photo LWM.png

I was lead to a consultation room with signature red and white walls for a little chat with my Consultant Liping. 

 photo DSC00006.jpg

 photo DSC00007.jpg

“Established in 2001, London Weight Management has been widely received by female customers with weight issues. The efficacy of our customised weight loss programmes have brought new hope to those who have been battling with weight problems most of their lives. To date, more than thousands of modern women have experienced promising weight loss results from our breakthrough weight management success.”
Targeting female weight issues:
• Overall Weight Gain
• Post-natal Weight Gain
• Bulging Tummy
• Flabby Arms
• Bulky “Thunder” Thighs
• Sagging Buttocks
• Cellulite / Stretch Marks
• Water Retention / Toxins

 photo DSC00018.jpg

A graph showing my problem areas, is mainly the arms, thighs and tummy. The little dots shown on the legs are accumulated water retention.
Liping is aiming to firm up these areas and purge the extra water and toxins out from my body. 

 photo DSC00019.jpg

I’m supposed to change into the robe before taking my weight, this is purely for photographic purpose only so please ignore the home clothes.
The reason why I need to change into their robe is because they know exactly how much I will weigh after minus-ing away 400gm which is, the weight of the robe.

 photo DSC00012.jpg
 photo DSC00014.jpg

Here’s a pic of me with the robe but not on the scale :DDD

 photo DSC00025.jpg

London Weight Management’s facilities. 
 photo DSC00029.jpg
 photo DSC00032.jpg

Step #1- I was ushered to the steam room for 20 mins of intensive steaming.
 photo DSC00028.jpg
Step #2- After steaming, I was then led to one of the treatment rooms. I was rubbed with Lavendar sea-salt and covered with a warm blanket for 20 mins, this is to drain out the water retention from my body.
When they uncover the blanket I was actually dripping in my own sweat, Liping mentioned that this is a good sign because my body had flushed the toxins and excess liquid and it makes it easier for the next treatment to come. 

 photo DSC00011.jpg

Step #3- Since I was covered with sea salt, I obviously needed a shower before proceeding to the next treatment, and so here I’m, Clean and ready for the next step. 

 photo DSC00034.jpg

Step #4- I’ll call it the zapping station, I was put through this machine which stimulates radio waves to target the problem areas.
Time taken: 20 mins. 

But Before that! Liping applied the Firming ampoule all over my body with a syringe. 
 photo DSC00047.jpg
 photo DSC00049.jpg

And lastly I was fed with a strawberry meal replacement drink that tastes rather yummy.
 photo DSC00052.jpga

Lets see how I fair before and after treatment.

 photo DSC00054.jpg
200 gm is not too bad but the average measurement lost is 1cm which is pretty fascinating!

If you take a look at the below chart, I actually lost 800 grams overall (yes I had gone for a 2nd visit) and 16cm (body accumulated measurements) over 2 sessions. 

 photo DSC00003copy.jpg
In conclusion, I had a great time receiving my treatment at London. There was zero pain involve, just light massage and stimulation of fats with the use of machines.
It was enjoyable and fruitful.

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For enquires or bookings, call 62221234 for appointment. 

London Weight Management island-wide outlets:

PREMIUM! Suntec City Mall 
• Novena Square 
• Ang Mo Kio Jubilee
• City Square Mall
• Clementi Mall
• Ngee Ann City
• Novena Square
• Singapore Post Centre
• Tampines One
• Tiong Bahru Plaza
• Woodlands Civic Centre
• Yew Tee Point
*This is a sponsored post, opinions are my own. 


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