[Review & #MOTD] Revlon Colorstay Foundation

I’m honoured to receive a bunch of goodies from long standing beauty brand Revlon this time round. IMG_0331

Was expecting to receive 1 or 2 products in my kit thus I requested for them to send in my shade so that I could give a better, more accurate review.
Little did I know when the parcel came I was surprised received the full range of Colorstay foundation from Revlon. What a generous gesture because this way, I could use the different shades not just on myself but my clients as well.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Revlon being of the leading brands in the US had secure the #1 position of foundation in America (mass market category) delivering flawless, all-day coverage to match every skin tone and type.

Revlon ColorStay™ Makeup [Improved Version]
available in 5 shades SGD$33.90 : 180 Sand Beige, 200 Nude, 310 Warm Golden, 340Early Tan and 370 Toast (shades listed from lightest to darkest)

With its revolutionary time release technology, Revlon Color Stay liquid foundation is with 24-hour long wearing with SPF 15 protection.
Sun coverage is mild thus please use a stronger SPF sunscreen prior to wearing this foundation.IMG_0350

Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation now comes in a pump packaging for mess-free application. Honestly, I have never tried the old packaging but I knew that product used to be a in a glass jar with a big opening where you need tilt the whole bottle in order to get the liquid out. Even though the formula was awesome, this product had received lots of complains because you had little control of how much you can pour out causing unnecessary spills etc. With the new pump nozzle, the application is now mess-free and you know exactly how much comes out with each pump, really helped a lot with cost saving.


Consistency is smooth and coverage is strong, with 2 pumps (1.5 to be exact) is enough for my entire face and also to balance out uneven skintones but do bear in mind that this coverage is not for everyone as the consistency is much thicker than usual. It’ll be great for formal parties and photoshoots but if you are looking to sweat it out, try to go easy on the amount and blend sparingly onto your face. IMG_0354

Here’s a swatch of the shades.
The shade I’m using (Sand Beige) tends to oxidize a little on my face but doesn’t show much difference, so I’m fine with it. I probably should mix a little of Nude the next time round for a better finishing.

Revlon ColorStay 2-in-1 Makeup & Concealer [NEW] IMG_0374

Revlon ColorStay 2-in-1 Compact Makeup & Concealer features a perfectly-paired cream makeup with a complementing cream concealer, expertly matched to be one shade lighter than the makeup.

I love how it convenient it is, instead of bringing 2 different things out, this is something I can grab and go which will fit nicely into my smaller handbags.
Available in 5 shades (clockwise from left): 110 Ivory, 240 Medium Beige, 330 Natural Tan and 180 Sand Beige.

The chic packaging includes a concealer to camouflage imperfections, a lightweight makeup for a smooth finish and all-day coverage, a mirror for touch-ups on the go and a Revlon applicator for precision and blending. IMG_0385

Even though the quality of the sponge applicator is no where near to beauty blender but it is dense and soft, easy to blend the colours in. Is also great for touch ups while you are out and about.

Here’s a swatch of all 4 shades.

I have to say this formula is a little drying, thus it does cake a little on dry skin. However, if your skin type is combi or slight oily this will fit you just fine. The formula is buildable for such skintypes and will cast a beautiful satin finish.
For concealing of dark circles and imperfections, I recommending using a separate fluffy eyeshaow brush instead of the sponge provided this way you can spot target on certain areas and cover flaws better.


Here me using Revlon ColorStay™ Makeup in 180 Sand Beige.
Though both product coverage are equally good, I would totally adore Revlon ColorStay 2-in-1 Makeup & Concealer if only I could find a shade that suits me. Unfortunately 110 Ivory is too light and 180 sand Beige is tad too dark, luckily there is always alternatives. Revlon ColorStay™ Makeup in 180 Sand Beige gives me a flawless coverage with matifying effect, manages to cover my uneven skin yet doesn’t cake up my face. Also, I love how matte it stays on throughout the day, it lasted 8-10 hours (from making up to removal) in total.

Thanks Revlon for sending in this wonderful package, now I can offer more coverage choice for my new and existing clients!

*products are sponsored, opinions are my own

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