[Review] Milly’s Fur Lash Extension

Even though I’m a hardcore junkie for falsies I’m never a big fan of lash extensions, I remember there was a time I did lash extensions and I couldn’t comfortably brush my palms over my entire face (yes I have this weird habit :/).
Washing my face became a complete chore and the difficulty of rubbing my eyes immediately expedite to level 99.

So when I met Milly (from Milly’s hair,lash and nails) at Nadia’s wedding she showed me her latest Fur lash extension which was unbelievably soft and furry unlike the conventional lash extensions (usually teng teng a.k.a hard), and So I decide to give this type of lash extension a 2nd lease of life!

Is not easy to have head out with prep based and NO makeup on my eyes. I’m the type, is either I look damn good or go all the way lok li lok kok but today unfortunately my job is half done because I need to leave my eyes clean for the therapist to work on.
So in short I look pretty much (kids do not read this)… half-fucked.
Not advisable to view the above in the middle of the night

So here goes,
the difference is significant if you compare the Before and after shot.
IMG_5722 IMG_5723
There are many different types of lash extensions, so be sure to ask for Fur lash/single strand extensions.
Fur lashes is pretty much individual lash made to glue onto your own lash thus creating a very beautiful and natural outcome.
Having said that, because these lashes are singly stick on, the chances of them falling off/coming apart is a little higher than then conventional types, so it’ll probably need more frequent touch ups. Not that I mind, at least I can still could give my eyes a mild gentle rub and wash my face normally.
Also another thing to highlight, I was told because these lashes are created soft like your very own they tend to look a little messy during and after contact with water. So what I do is to use a spoolie to comb through once I’m done with washing but hor, actually I like the messy outcome (is actually not as messy as your thought)because my own lash is nicely blended with the fur lashes and I don’t mind a bit a all!

The even more awesome thing I could add on my own falsies if I want my eye makeup to look a little heavier :D
The makeup removal process is not easy breezy but also not pain in the ass either! You just need to hover your soaked(with makeup remover) cotton pad on your eyes a little longer than usual, after that use a Q-tip to clean any additional residue before double cleansing with your regular skin regiment.

My lash extension is done by xiao yue, you could look out for Gina as well.
So here’s a complete look of me without any eye additional makeup except for fur lash extension.

Nice casual outfit to town, now picture me all dressed up with the freaky eyes (refer to picture 2)
Overall I’m so happy with the outcome of this lash extension, I’m definitely going back for touchups without a doubt.

Last but not least, a very fail pic of center parting my hair.
Why koreans and Japanese look so sweet and romantic with this parting and I look shit??? Tell me why!!!

Milly’s is located at:
Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road #03-131
Singapore 228213
Tel: 67376723
Operating Hours : 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
(Inclusive of Public Holidays) Booking & Enquries:
+65 6737 6723
+65 8383 5395
Alternative you could also head to:
Bugis Village
Bugis Village Extension,
Level 2 @ Bom Bom street, DESL No. 3, 4, 5
Tel: 63384137
Operating Hours : 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
(Inclusive of Public Holidays) Booking & Enquries:
+65 6338 4137
+65 8383 5395


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