[Review + Make] NYX Matte LipStick Shocking Pink (MLS02)

I’m sure this post, which I’m going to talk about has been raved by many other makeup experts before but still I have to give my take on this highly pigmented pink lipstick, a deserving review.
Bought this NYX Matte Lipstick MLS02 in shocking pink a while ago while I was shopping around Sun plaza (near Sembawang MRT) .
 Went for a quick lunch and having some time to  kill, I decided to shop around the mall and was glad to discover Smoochiezz at the atrium.

For people who doesn’t know about Smoochiezz, they started off as spreerers for overseas beauty products that is unavailable locally. It gotten so well received that they decided to start a local warehouse stocking and selling these rare to find products at makeshift stores on atrium/events/ roadshows. If you are keen to find out the their next location, you can click here for their event line up.
*Fyi NYX is yet to make available at our local drugstores*

This was a accidental purchase actually, I didn’t plan on getting any lipstick because the whole time I was concentrating on the Costal sands neutral palette. I supposed it was the word ‘Matte’ that caught my eye because I’m always fan of matte lipsticks, it seems to smear less and last longer on me.
I swatch the tester on and immediately I was in love with this hot pink that comes with blue undertone! Comparing to matte lipstick from Stage, this lip colour glides on like a breeze and it stays really well.
The colour payoff is excellent, no seep through, no transparent hue all matte jet pink and opaque as hell.
THIS is What I am LOOKING for! The high fashion matte look that I always wanted to achieve.
Another thing is matte lipsticks are usually on the drying end which makes it pretty uncomfortable because if you have chapped lips, peels/scabs will show up more obvious in matte than the glossy ones. Apparently regardless of its creamy texture, NYX doesn’t dry out my lips at all! I guess that’s the enjoying factor of wearing a moisturizing matte lipstick.
You bet I’ll be eyeing on more NYX Matte Lipsticks the next time round.

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