[Review] Etude House Tear Eye Liner

Hellos Dblchinis!
If you have been following last blogpost I’m sure you’ll realised the intense love I have for Etude House.
In this blogpost I’m going to talk bout another of my favourite product by Etude House, is non other than the ‘Tear eyeliner’.
I’ve been using this on almost all my Bridal jobs and I have to say my brides really love the effect this little potion brings out!
My style of applying is to line the 1/3 of the lower inner waterline and sometimes tear duct depending on the client’s eye shape.

Here I have with me 3 unique Tear Colours.
Retail stores are selling the 4th Colour but I realized is too similar to the ones I have here so I didn’t get the last one eventually.
(click for a larger image)
Here are the 3 swatches under a white backing:
02 Gold Khaki – The product doesn’t sound like its name at all, rather than a full on gold liner, this colour is actually leaning more towards a more silvery shade WITH subtle gold glitter embedded in it. Also unlike the rest, this colour gives a slightly more opaque outcome than the rest of the shades and I have to say it works wonderfully with smokey and sultry eye makeup.

03 Pearly Tear – This colour is very special, it has a white apperance with that subtle cosmic hue. I’m not sure how I can describe this colour but imagine a white unicorn galloping across the milky way, well…I guess is somewhat like that :D
This is the most frequent colour that I use on my brides usually for day makeup as it gives a more ‘awake’ effect. For evening look I’ll usually still stick to Gold Khaki for a more oomph effect.

04 Golden tear – This nudepink shade works like a match in heaven with my Naked Palette 3, even though I don’t use this colour very often but I think it looks great with warm palettes! Because of its intensity, the pink glitter glides on like a second skin and more natural effect for fair skin ladies.

Here are swatches on my face!

(lips in The Body Shop Colour Crush 240, cheeks Narissist in Gaiety)



A compilation of all 3 colours for a better comparison,
the colour between Gold Khaki and Pearly Tear doesn’t show up very well in pictures but they are indeed a different in their own way
(click for a larger image)

Hope you like my review!


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