[Review] Introduction to Etude House Color My Brows Mascara

I never thought I’ll fall in love with Korean makeup until I met Etude House.
Initially when Etude House first launch in Singapore I was a little blew away by the cute and girly appearance of their shop but still pretty reluctant to patronize because I thought the prices of their makeup would be exorbitant! I mean with so much effort spend on the shop decor and elaborately adorable uniform of the sales assistants, I presumed the prices (of the product) doesn’t come cheap.
Also, have you seen how their girls  grace the front of their shop giving out samples and all? All that marketing strategy sure adds on to the product price!

Ok I was wrong, very wrong because I finally realized not only their product is value for money and pretty in appearance, it actually works like a proper makeup! I know of some other makeup, packaging looks damn good but the actual product is really crap (chalky, non-pigmented etc etc).
I guess this is the reason why I keep going back to Etude House to purchase my items!

Having said the above, I have to clarify I’m not sponsored by Etude House in anyway. Just a rabid fan of their super gorgeous makeup.

I wanted to introduce to you one of my favourite items from Etude House “Colour My Brows“, they come in 5 different shades but I only bought 4 (at 2 different occasions) because one of the colours is rather close to the shade I have here so I’m skipping that away.

Colour my brows is a brow mascara that helps to coat the fine hairs to give a more realistic match to your drawn brows. Some people purely use brow mascara alone but I prefer to line my base with a eyebrow pencil before brushing on the brow mascara.

DSC00010Here are the In 4 assorted shades of brown, you have the:
(Apologies that swatches are not in sequence, I’m basing by the intensity of the colour)

No.5 Blondie Brown – which is a very light blonde shade that is suitable for bleached hair, I think is a hot favourite among the Japanese ladies!

No.4 Natural Brown – This is my favourite shade, it is neither too dark nor too light for my taste and should suit most hair colour even with crazy hues(currently blue) like mine. I use this colour for most of my #MOTD.

No.1 Rich Brown – This is most suitable for very dark brunette to black hair, especially suitable girls with strong features like the ‘Megan fox’ material. The reason why I prefer Natural brown to Rich Brown (even though I had dark hair at my crown/root area) is because my features are too dainty to carry out the intensity of the colour but say if I’m cosplaying Cleopatra or this crazy dude from startrek, yes I welcome the darker brown into my life.
Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.29.50 pmNo.3 Red Brown – probably the only shade that doesn’t fit into the above cool tones, this warm brown is most suitable for auburn hair colour.
Got watch X-men???
Not the past participle present tense in the near future sequel but the good OI’ ones with Jean Grey edition, her reddish brown hair sets a very good example of this colour. Sure, you can still use black or dark grey to groom your red brows but I believe the effect will turn out better with red brown mascara.I used to have red hair when I first started out with Justin (Shunji Matsuo) and how I wished they have this brow mascara then!

After the brief introduction of Etude House Brow Mascara, I’m going to show you how it looks like with drawn brows.
Here I have with me Etude House Draving Eyebrow in shade 03, it doesn’t really matter which shade you choose because I’m purely using this brown pencil as a base.
DSC00011The shade can actually turn out really dark on white paper. DSC00012

Here are my normal brows; thin and spars, very pathetic indeed :(
After outlining with Etude House Drawing Eyebrow.

Here’s how it looks with all 4 shades, decide to place them according to sequence.
1-4 3 4 5

The reason why I like Etude House brow mascara is because unlike some Japanese Brow mascara eg. Palty(think only available in Japan) and Kate Cosmetics, they are infused with some sort of glitter that makes my brows look so glossy like disco light! “cues techno music” *proceeds to dance with a big belly*
I like the after-effect from Etude House better because it sets matte and the effect is less artificial looking.

I’ve compile all 4 shades together you’ll have a better idea of which colour you prefer:
(Click pic for a larger image)colour-my-brows
Hope you like my review!


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