Review: Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Shading & Liquid Highlighter

Due to the nature of my face shape (see blog moniker), I became a huge fan of contouring.
In most of my makeup looks, I’ll do basic face framing to bring out more dimension and to achieve more a sculpted face shape.

Was so thrilled to explore new products with
Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Shading & Pro Artist Liquid HighlighterDSC05676
It comes in a lip gloss-like tube with a wand applicator and an additional egg blending sponge.

Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Highlighter
3-dimensional Radiance
Lustrous pink liquid highlighter creates a 3-dimensional look with a healthy glow
Highly Bendable and Adhesive Formula

Silicon gel formula keeps pearly particles in place and control excess oil without drying out skin for a silky-smooth strobing look.
50% Moisturizing Ingredients

50% plant-derived moisturizing ingredients keep skin hydrated.

Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Shading
3-dimensional Sculpted Look
This contour liquid sculpt face with its natural shade, giving it a slimmer and more dimensional look.
Highly Bendable and Adhesive Formula

The unique formula with moisturizing plant-derived oil and fine polymers seamlessly adhere to skin without any clumps or fallout.
42% of Moisturizing Ingredients

42% Moisturizing ingredients and Rosa Canina Seed extract helps sooth skin and keep it hydrated.

The liquid highlighter gives off a pearl like effect that provides a 3 dimensional look and a gives a soft dewy finish.
Liquid Shading helps to sculpt, gives a natural depth to the areas you want to give it hollows.
Texture is smooth and easy to glide on.DSC05685

Though the packaging had given pretty clear instructions on where you should apply the contour and highlight, I believe nothing beats having a real face to experiment with these products.
As shown in pic, areas where I wished to attain brightness I’ll coat them with the ‘Liquid Highlighter’ that includes the forehead, nose bridge, higher cheekbones and cupids bow.
For areas where I want to concealed a little more are coated with ‘Liquid Shading’, they are the sides of my forehead, the sides and area below the cheekbones diagonally extended to the sides of your lips, jawline and the sides of my nose.

I started out blending the lighter shade first, this way my egg sponge won’t get muddy when I begin my contouring.
Unlike my regular beauty blender, the egg sponge that is included in the Clio package feels really hard and dense thus making it less easy to blend. DSC05750

Kill Brown waterproof pen liner

To complete this look I use Kill Brown waterproof pen liner in the shade of brown as stated on the product name to create a natural and nice finish to my #MOTD.

This ink formula applies smoothly without tugging my eyelids.
Super pigment with great colour payoff, it leaves no muddy transparency on my skin. I love how precised I can get with this brow liner.

So here’s a complete look!

Royal Fur lash (single strand) extensions from Milly’s
Kill Brown waterproof pen liner

Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip Oil Tint in #2 Wild Cherry (review here)
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*Products are sponsored and written in my own words

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