Review: Beauty Keeper Miss Hana Magnetic Eyes

When it comes to makeup/skincare products, countries that came into mind are usually from UK, US, Japan or the recently trending Korean makeup brands (my favs).
So when Sample Store passed me a full load of Made in Taiwan beauty products from 美麗掌櫃 Beauty Keeper I was a little taken by surprise , I actually never knew that Taiwan has got their own manufacturing plant. Mainly also coz I’ve never been to TW and not really aware of the things happening there. I mean just like Singapore, our market is filled with products exported from different countries, I (pardon my ignorance) probably would expect the same for Taiwan too.

Ok now important stuff, one of the products I would love to feature in the stash is
Miss Hana Magnetic Eyes

This set comes in a metal tin consisting of 4 pint size pencil liners and a sharpener to keep your liner sharp and crisp.
dsc05544 *Caution* If you have little children at home, please don’t leave this lying around or at least keep the sharpener in a safe place. I conveniently left it on the table top and went away for a moment, the next thing I saw Ry gleefully running towards me with the metal tin and bleeding hands. I believed she accidentally cut herself with the blade while digging for the sharpener because her nail bed was sliced into halves. She didn’t cry, only claimed that is painful and insisted I draw a heart shape using the pencil liner at the back of her hands but it was alarming enough for me to pack away all my sharp items.

Sorry for off-tracking, lets get back.

These pencil liners comes in very safe shades of blacks and browns. If you are not an explorative person, these neutral tones are definitely suited for you. Because they are small (shy of 4 inches) you can fit it easily in your purse for easy touch up. dsc05548from top: Moo5C1 Classic Night Black, Moo5C2 Galaxy Black, Moo5C3 Choco Brow, Moo5C4 Golden Brown


With its natural gel texture, pencil glides easily onto my skin without tugging.
I wouldn’t say is super smudge proof (even though it claims) but the smudges are minimized if good prepping is done beforehand. I’ve testing the durability against water on my hands and indeed it is pretty waterproof, it only can be removed with proper eye makeup remover (it takes little effort to remove when I tried using Biore Micellar Cleansing Water)

    Here are the swatches on my eyes:

Miss Hana M005C1 Classic Night Black
Very Classic jet black that creates a profound stark look. If you wished to achieve a strong sasha fierce look, this is the thing.
Miss Hana M005C2 Galaxy Black

Less intense but more glamour.
I’m sorry if my camera quality ain’t that good but if you noticed closely (try squinting your eyes like you are short sighted) you can see subtle sparkles in between the blacks.

Miss Hana M0005C3 Choco Brown

Darker shade of brown & slightly cooler tone compare to the next colour in line (Golden Brown). Usually people that prefer browns are those who like to give their eyes a more natural finish, this is subtle and goes well with natural big eyes contacts lens.


Miss Hana M005C4 Golden Brown
Warmer brown shade with sparkles that gives eyes a alluring effect.
Choco Brown and Golden Brown could work hand in hand together, I personally would prefer using Choco Brown for the top lash line and tight-lining in terms of precision. For bottom lash line which most or at least me would prefer, a more natural finish, I would go ahead with Golden Brown.


Hope you like my review, you may shop for Miss Hana Items over here at 美麗掌櫃 Beauty Keeper

*Miss Hana No Smudge Waterproof Eyeliner is available online S$30 per set (Usual price S$34)
*Royan Furlash (single strand) extensions by Milly’s, quote ‘Dblchin/Clara’ for $10 off lash services.
*Products are sponsored but review is written in my own words

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