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As we age, our priorities in life changes; I used to be such a hardcore party animal but now I’m just so darn domesticated. I used to not care so much about my health and well-being but in the recent years I’ve been trying to treat myself a little better inside and out. The evolution of self-love for me now is way more than just looking pretty, I’ve taken more interest in bedding, linens even down to the selection of mattresses.

An invitation down to Hennsley® Showroom has taught me that the art of sleeping lies greatly in how a mattress is constructed. Ever heard of the saying “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”? Seriously, a good quality mattress with less sleep disruption will make sure you’ll always wake up on the ‘right side of the bed’. When you start your day feeling awesome, you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

A little background story on Hennsley®:
Proud to say Hennsley® is a Singapore brand (Yay! support local!) that strongly believes in helping people to improve their lives and well-being. The founder of Hennsley®, Marcus Goh, talks passionately about what goes into building their mattress to ensure good-quality mattresses are constructed. At the same time still keeping the price point competitive, this way Hennsley® is able to reach out to many of us.

At my age, with the constant running around and caring for my kids, a good night sleep is considered a luxury to have. At the end of a long day, I just wanna lie comfortably in bed basking in a well rested night.

Hennsley carries well constructed mattresses made with Premium Quality Pocketed Innerspring System that is designed to fit the body like this one here.

Here is the Hennsley® Ergopeutic® Premium Series that provides 7-Zone Pocketed Innerspring Sleep System in for utmost support during your sleep.

Not only that, Hennsley® carries Performance-Enhanced Imported Belgium Fabric specially treated with temperature sensitive polymer to help to regulate temperature through evaporation. These textiles are specially treated for better performance, allowing effective evaporation, thus reduces humidity. I especially like the mild cooling effect when I lie down with comfortable and ease. This is a life saver for those suffering with insomnia!


























Stephanotis Hennsley® Ergopeutic® Premium Series

So what exactly is 7-Zone Pocketed Innerspring?
Hennsley® Ergopeutic® Premium Series is divided in to 7 parts to cater to the Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip, Legs and Feet. By doing so, it helps to fit your body into the right zone ensuring you a better undisturbed sleep throughout the night.

See the amount of thought and effort put inside building these mattresses, embedded with high quality 100% natural latex that provides support and comfort. Also, with their premium latex, you can be assured of Hennsley® mattresses’ high durability and hypoallergenic nature, in short, it is built to last.

Lets have a run though the range of Hennsley® mattresses

The Ergopeutic® Premium Series:
Heather Ergopeutic® Premuim Series

Eremurus Ergopeutic® Premuim Series

Richmond Ergopeutic® Premuim Series

The Premium Series:
-3-Zone Pocketed Innerspring System
-Upper Body Zone, The Low Back Zone and the Lower Leg Zone.

Hampton Premium Series

Lambeth Premium Series

Dalkeith Premium Series

I want to talk a little about this series because it is made for beauty purposes. I hope it excites you as much as I do!!!

This mattress is made of  “Algua” material, a beauty-functional fabric which enables you to feel recharged and energised after a good night’s sleep.
Not only that, I also heard it helps improves collagen! I’ve heard of many age reversal products but for a mattress, this is some next level new!
Imagine having this ‘technology’ in your own home, you are well living in 3019!

Interfusic® Series:
-5-Zone Pocketed Innerspring Sleep System
-Full 100% Natural Latex,naturally hypoallergenic and highly durable.  

Hennsley® Interfusic® Series mattresses come with superior grade fabric treated with MagnaSilver® that helps to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature with safe and high level protection guarding against bacteria, fungi and odour. MagnaSilver® is exclusively available only atHennsley’s Showroom @ East Coast.

You have the Latex Lux, Latex Plush & Latex Firm

Next we have the Classic Series:

-Standard Compact Pocketed Innerspring System
-Each Inner Spring is sewed into its own pocket of fabric.
– highly responsive to weight distribution, body contour and sleeping patterns

Madrid Classic Series

Seville Classic Series

Valencia Classic Series

Huesca Classic Series

Consuegra Classic Series

Thank you Sample Store for arranging this and Hennsley® for showing me around, I really enjoyed my time here!
Do check out Hennsley® showroom:

66, East Coast Road, #01-01, The Flow, Singapore 428778

Tel: +65 69502860

Opens Daily  Monday-Sunday from 11am-9pm

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