Recap 2016 Chinese New Year

I know, I know! I’m guilty as charged for not posting this earlier but then I really wanted to document this down as a remembrance because this CNY is an especially meaningful one!
Not saying that the past few CNYs are terrible but that memory wasn’t really a keeper; I remember 2 years back I was pregnant and in my 1st trimester.
Imagine me surviving on a biscuit a day and had to go countless places to visit; that time my pregnancy wasn’t made known (I prefer to keep mum until my 12th week) and people are flooding me with questions about having a baby.  I had terrible nausea, splitting headache, needed to run to the toilet all the time to release my bladder which attributed to me looking grumpy as hell. At that time, no amount of makeup can hide my ‘chao bin’ face.
People are wondering what went wrong with me but I know they were too afraid to ask, coz whoever tried either get ignored or kena tio by me lol.
Friends if you are reading this, here’s my belated apology, I’ve longed severed ties with my pregnancy hormones.

Last year CNY was good but not great, we finally have a 6 month old baby who is able to support herself up yet not good enough to control her emotions.
Half the time she was wailing in despair and on one visit to my friends place she had a melt down, screaming to tear the house down and finally when she cry until happy she fell asleep on my lap. We were both exhausted by the end of this fiasco, so paiseh to borrow our friend’s room to rest.
Plus the amount of stuff we needed to bring out filled our trunk to the brim; she was onto solids which makes things a little more difficult, all the trial run alternating purees and milk.

I remembered I was still expressing milk every 4-5 hourly, so we can’t really stay out for long and most of the time I had to pump on the go + dealing with a inconsolable infant on board.

But this year is so different! Gone were the days I needed to breastfeed, that helpless infant who’s learning to sit and eat is now chomping like a pro and able to run with the wind.
I no longer need to standby a truckload of diapers because she goes on the big 2 only once a day, not only that she can stay awake for a longer period of time and baby talk (I think shes learning Korean). Though her temper is still fiery, She listens most of the time and able to follow instructions when given.

Even though our newly purchased car, spent $250 to polish and wax broke down a day before the CNY (glad my in law has an extra vehicle for us to use),  our spirits weren’t dampened because this year is just different, we were so hyped up for this festive no amount of bad energy got us down.

So here’s Ryleigh kicking off with 2 mandarin oranges in hand!

All dressed up, ready to head to infant care for CNY celebration.
What a sweet and bitter moment because this is her last year in infant care (she celebrated 2 cny there) by now she had promoted to Toddler playgroup; same centre but a totally different environment.
I’m not afraid of her adaption in her new class but rather having to part with the people at infantcare; I really like the caregivers there, they are dedicated and loving not only to Ry but all other infants there.

I really have to give it to them, thank you!

When people tell your horror stories about infantcare, please listen at your own discretion because half the time is untrue. I really don’t want to elaborate too much here, maybe another blogpost another day.

Ry and her papa, daddy’s girl.

CNY Day #1- Gratuitous but unbiased selfie .
(Oh look, that magnanimous mom who let her kid and hb grace the blogpost!)
Red lips from The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Adoring available at Sasa Sg.

I mega adore this set of earrings which I wore here, is a wedding gift from my Mum-In-Law; designer series from Poh Heng jewellery.
Simple yet classy.

dress from Tangering Tofu

Visited our aunt-in-law place, here’s my cousin-in-law’s daughter shermaine with Ry.

A famil-fie with my parents! Timely smile for everyone!

CNY Day #2- Selfie mainly Brows on point.
Omg me in pigtails like never, braiding for other people no sweat but for myself, perspired a bit plus hand tired.

Here’s a shot of me with MY Cousins also my daughter’s ‘Ah yi’.IMG_6070

Sorry if you think is a bit too act cute but now don’t cute a bit, 5 years down the road no chance liao. IMG_6087 IMG_6099


Family shot with Miss grumps.
Matching tops by Pickety Thumb, Matching Tutu Skirts by Theos Kyrios.

IMG_6200 IMG_6201

CNY Day #4- Office gathering.
NEW WAVE DISPLAY rocks from Woodlands to Jurong Causeway!

The ‘Boss’ itching to gamble so…

Cny Day #6- Gathering at my place
Ry with her best friend Alina.
IMG_6273 IMG_6276


CNY Day #6
At my mum’s.
See my cousin very ‘eng’ drag him to help me take #OOTD.
Eyelash Lace wrap romper from Makers Mart


wah!!! See the thick stack of angpows meant for Ry, MBS here I come!

My very excited aunts.

CNY Day #7
Decided to commute by public transport since our friend lives few bus stops away, plus our car is still in toll.

Unbashfully getting someone different to take your OOTD everytime,
Level attained: immortal.
Simple fiery red fit and flare dress from Makers Mart

Ry and Dylan kor kor.

My and my mummy friend.
Time flies! I still remember the days we used to party so hard we (I) forgot our names.

CNY Day I dont really know anymore.
Was invited to Meditrina appreciation night and I had a blast!
But first, the selfie that rock the world. lol.
Gorgeous lip shade that made me korean, Revlon Matte Balm in michevious 235

With Herine and the talented Deenise

Getting ready to lou hei.

And finally the last day of CNY…
Ry had a helluva time because our friend had a play room for kids filled with truckload of toys and sumptuous dinner awaiting us to dig in!

Look like catered buffet spread but actually cook by him one.IMG_6533

So here’s wrapping up CNY 2016, thanks for reading~

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