Random Pregnancy Musings

IMG_6839Hi! Welcome to my hugeass selfie to grace this post!
I figured my recently beauty post must’ve bored some of you to no end since I have a fair share of sexes reading my blog.
Today is just some random thoughts I would like to share with you guys be it you like it or not lol. but Since you are already here might as well take a peek into my content.
As most of you already know I’m currently expecting and ‘ve already cross the halfway mark, with a blink of an eye and people seems to think that I’m having the time of my life even with a belly…but actually not so much.

My Pregnancy journey started off treacherous and frightful, say surviving on a piece of biscuit a day when I could eat a herd of buffalo before I was pregnant. Nauses, Vomitting, Heartburn<–the mother of all pregnancy woes, every 15 mins pee break, you name it I had it. AND The worse is yet to come.

Unlike most pregnant mothers, I had diarrhea at least 3 times a day, it was a fml moment, coz aside from having to pee every 15 mins, I HAD TO POO WATER between the interval, I was worried and upset because I’m afraid my baby wouldn’t be getting the adequate  nutrient.

So, I lost 3kg
(I was already underweight before that)

On top of that I was Lactose intolerant, I couldn’t consume Mother’s milk powder because my stomach will churn at the sight of this liquid. And Because of that, I suffered major load of stomachache even when I do no need to poo (water). At that point of time I was feeling useless and incompetent because I can’t consume a decent amount of almost anything. I even bought a huge tin of Similac Mummy’s Milk powder, drank once and attempted to drink it again because I knew I couldn’t give up just yet and in the end I had to visit the GP to treat my diarrhea problem.

Conclusion: Milk powder is lethal.

The thing that gets me is when people keep educating me (by mental force) about how milk is good for the baby even when I told them I’m lactose intolerant :(
But I’ve never give up because I have the best interest for my unborn child, so during my 4th month I attempted to consume milk again, this time round I gave fresh milk a shot and Voila! the milk actually stay down without giving me any major problems. Also my diarrhea had actually cut down by 3/4, even thought I still have occasional watery stools but it was already a huge progress for me.

Another Pregnancy woe: because I had low level of progesterone(something that is crucial to support the baby during first tri) I was on hormone jab twice a week until the 11th week. Unlike any other flu jab which is usually waterbase, my mixture was oil base and it take around 2 minutes to fully inject everything into my body, through my buttocks. Ha.ha. laugh all you want, I had to cushion my seat after every session.

I had 15 jabs by far.

Aside from the physical damage, I had an emotional turmoil with myself and people around me. If you had bump into me during the early days of my pregnancy you’ll probably un-friend me in realife.

I was worse than a grumpy 80 year old.

Amidst the crazy journey I had so far, there is not one day where I resent this pregnancy.
I was grateful every moment, having to discover the gender, having wake up to the little nudges inside. I’m actually glad I went through the painful jabs that brought me to a breezey golden trimester.
I’m glad that people prayed so hard for me; I have hands on my tummy praying in the name of ‘Jesus’ and my mum offerings to the gods at her altar everyday. Is not so much of the religion they are in but the sincere blessing in faith and my baby, I can never thank these people enough.

Also my biggest support; my husband, who put up with my shit be it watery or not.
He said even there is limited intimacy in pregnancy, he had already been mind raped by me so many times during the first trimester. Besides doing most of the household chores, taking the dog for a dump (another shit story haha) and other trivial matters, the poor spouse have to put up with my, crazy hormones, tantrums and grumpiness. Seriously, if is me I would’ve sign the divorce letters!
I had to salute his unlimited patience and love for both of us.

I’m grateful for everyday.

Ok I need to go into an abrupt closure, this pregnancy hormone is getting into me. Goodbye.
*tears of happy joy*


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