Post Pregnancy Treatment with Body Perfect

Sorry it took me so long to speak about my imperfections again, is been months since my last posting and at that point of time I was feeling at my lowest. Because of the pregnancy it was hard for my to accept my new body, in fact it took me a long time to come to terms with my new role as a mother.
With no extra hands in the household, We (my hb and I) had to be grounded at home most of the time, put up incessant crying and waking up in the dead of the night etc.


It was hard but…I survived!
With that being said, Ryleigh has turned 1 last month. Yay!

No matter how tough it could be, I’m glad I’m always surrounded with help. I was offered by Body Perfect to get back in shape before I even start to blog about my motherly woes. Body Perfect who takes care of celebrities is one of my ‘ah bu’ during my down times, they helped me with a series of treatment to lessen the appearance of stretch marks + firming up my loose skin.
DSC00001 copy
Is been 5 months since I started treatment with them. Happy to say, the results are satisfying, my Linea nigra has lighten and bear claws is less obvious than before.

*Disclaimer: I by no means of using my previous post to attract any sort of sponsorship in relation to my stretch marks and loose skin. My only intention is to share this aloud so mummies on the same boat as me knows that they are not facing this alone and that IS OK to feel shit about yourself sometimes. I was already offered sponsorship by Body Perfect before I had the chance to talk about my postpartum body and had even went through the extend of sending them the link to what I have written so they can reconsider whether to go ahead with the sponsorship.
Thanks to them standing firm with the decision to help me out because the results delivered is more than what I’ve expected; the appearance of my imperfections has greatly diminished.

      My treatment-in-progress.
Every visit, they will take an overall measurement of my body before the start of each treatment.
I don’t need any extensive slimming treatment, instead my focus is more on firming up and lessen the appearance of my stretch marks.
IMG_7479 copy

Here are some pictures taken before treatment. (first session)DSC00007 DSC00008

Cant remember why my belly button looks so shiny, it was probably glazed with something.
My poor fairy, overstretched beyond hope :(
DSC00012 DSC00015

BodyPerfect’s RevoluZone by Velasmooth

I was put on BodyPerfect’s RevoluZone by Velasmooth for most treatment, it helps to reduce the circumference of the targeted area and tighten the body busting cellulite and loose skin.
Using proprietary elos™ technology, Velasmooth helps delivers optimal results for treating both deeper tissue and the skin’s surface using 4 in 1 slimming technology.
With it non-invasive, effective & safe procedure from Syneron, Velasmooth helps to treat abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and flanks.

That being said, over 10,000 women are treated with VelaSmooth almost everyday.

BodyPerfect’s RevoluZone by Velasmooth
Perfect for: Skin Tightening and Sculpting. Weight loss results is significant when combine with other treatments.
Technology: 4 in 1 Medically approved System awakes the body helps to kick start slimming results.
Treatment Time: approx 40 minutes depending on individual
Price: From $248 per visit

DSC00018Slight redness is down during treatment.

TripleAction Lamina Wrap
DSC00021 copy

Triple detoxification and contouring bodywrap comprises of a cocktail of detoxifying plants extracts like laminaria, horsetail, guarana for strong lipolytic activity.
With ingredients such as Seaweed that helps supply the body with essential minerals.

With infused tonic activity, treatment helps to strengthen the body recovering its energy and vitality.
Not only that, this contouring wrap helps skin to regain its suppleness and elasticity. With that, my skin tone regains its fairness and healthy glow.

TripleAction Lamina Wrap
Perfect for: Skin Lightening, nourishment with contouring-like effect
Technology: Rich Blend of Ingredients
Treatment Time: 40 mins onwards
Price: From $ 188 per visit

see! Cocooned comfortably under the layers of contouring body wrapping blanket.DSC00022 copy

Here’s how I looked after treatment.
Even results are faint You’ll notice that there is improvement even after just one session. DSC00023 DSC00024 DSC00026 DSC00029

Here’s a side by side comparison for better judgement. compare-1 compare-2 compare-3 compare-4

I’m so glad that the kind people of body perfect are determined to help me bounce back into shape again. Thankful that over the months, my body has improved tremendously so has my confidence.

 I want to talk more about feeling beautiful again but I’ll save it for a separate post, for another day.

BodyPerfect is very kind to run a Promotion for my Readers:

One Free TripleAction Wrap + 10mins VelaSmooth Trial Worth $199
+ Free Mystery Prize, a cozy cot awarding item. (For the First 5)

Remember to quote ‘Dblchin’ when you book your appointment.

Visit BodyPerfect for more information.


BodyPerfect is located at the following outlets:

Orchard @ 6235 7377
541 Orchard Road, #21-03, Liat Towers.

Jurong East @ 6425 6966
WestGate Mall, #03-26

Toa Payoh @ 6252 0188
Blk 177, #01-142,Toa Payoh Central

Parkway Parade @ 6345 1663
#04-07, Parkway Parade

Yishun Central @ 6532 0188
Blk 931, Yishun Central 1. # 01-105

Tampines One @ 7823688
#4-31, Tampines Central

*This is a sponsored treatment, all opinions are my own

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