(Post Pregnancy) How I Slimmed Down

Whenever people ask me how I slim down, I have a hard time explaining myself because I really do not have an answer for it.
And when I say I eat a lot (knowing you guys really don’t believe me), I mean really A LOT.

Here’s my menu on a random day:

Breakfast– 2 pieces bread
Early Lunch– Instant Noodles (Not all the time)
Lunch– Chap cai peng (Chicken wing, Veggie, Sweet and sour hotdog + fries)
Probably lunch again– Fried Rice + 3 xiaolong bao @ ding tai feng
Dinner– Pasta Mania Beef Bolognese Linguine

Sorry to disappoint you, I really do not have any stay slim remedy.

Perhaps I had a good headstart during the early weeks of my post pregnancy, it led to a tremendous amount weight loss without even exercising.
I also had a slight medical issue which attributed to losing weight.
(Bad angle, no Joke. Now you know Doctors are lousy photographers)

I wasn’t able to eat properly during my confinement and almost immediately, I went from a size 10 to size 6 in just a month (down like probably 10kg?).
Not sure whether I should talk about this issue because is very private, even the insurance company got involved in this matter. Hmm.. let me think about it, I’ll get back to all of you in my future post lol.

With regards to my dietary intake, I’m basically very addicted to fast food (uh oh, think I’m going to get hate mails from now on). I started taking greens only when I hit 20 (right before I was a carnivore) thus I’m still learning to eat clean and take in healthier options, so give me sometime on that.

However, I could share with you some not-so-useful and you-probably-already-know tips with regards to my daily activity.

Here goes:

#1 MOOooooo~
This is a no brainer method, just feed niah.
Even though not every mother has the ability to successfully latch their baby but there is always alternative option like expressing using hand or a pump out method.
But of course top priority to breastfeed is direct latching; the moment Ryleigh was handed to me I started offering her my breast. I believed it really helped ‘kick-started’ my milk flow! Unfortunately, it was good while it lasted because even though she’s great at latching, I’m not. Her sucking strength was too much for me to take, the pain radiates from my breast to my shoulders had me suffering throughout the initial months of post pregnancy, Plus I had that ‘medical’ issue thus I couldn’t hang on long enough. After 4 months of on off latching, I finally switched to exclusive pumping.
I was pumping an average of 1.3litres of milk a day.
Good enough to feed, good enough to form a stash, good enough to lose some weight.

But the pump lacks of the Oxytocin effect that helps effectively express more milk, which is why some mummies had constant struggle with milk flow.
Because of that, after 9 months my supply plummet.

I also had gradually cut down the no. of pumps (from 6 to now 3) producing an average of 600-700ml a day.
Still good enough to feed cos she started solids, still good enough store a small stash, still good enough to maintain my weight.

#2 Wrap until your bladder hurts.
This is a true story.
I had engaged a Jamu lady to massage the womb and do tummy wrapping.
The first day went well, removed the wrap 8 hours later and got myself cleaned up. Then came the 2nd day, at first it started feeling pain when I pee, then I peed droplets, then I couldn’t pee. After removing the wrap at the end of the day, the nature calling sensation came back.
After the 3rd day I had to completely skip the wrap and just go for the binder because I found out the cloth was wrapping too tightly, is doing damage to my internal organs.

Whew, that 200 meters of cloth is ruining my life.

All in all, I wanted to say that the wrap does help in slimming down, maybe? If my body were to be able to take on the infinite wrapping, I probably would be slimmer than now.

#3 That Infant from Hell
To slim down you are only granted to have 2 pairs of hands in the household, NOW drive that additional pair of hands out or else! Fat shall be u!
Even though I believe that God is kind but I also like to think that God is a funny person, from time to time he jokingly brings an infant from hell and made it our baby.
Ever since the arrival of Ryleigh ,the word ‘sleep’ is literally driven out of the window. With no prior experience in mingling with children, I was highly stress out with my new role as a mummy. I’m constantly fearful with her wakings, especially during the nights. She would spent hours screaming, inconsolable crying.
On top of that, as an exclusive pumping mummy, once you clash your pump hours with her wakings, ho sei liao, either your breast becomes hard as rock or her cries tear the house down. U choose! u choose la!

But I have to say we are really lucky, we slowly guided her to sleep through the night and she did so from 4 months on.

If you take on a job like mine, good on you, Welcoming to the journey of slimming without the pill!

Just imagine you are a Makeup Artist and you are required to reach client’s house at 7am. Lets do a simple backtrack, basing on an average 1x morning assignment every weekend.

You turn in at 11pm the night before coz that’s your last pump of the day and you probably have to wake up at 2am to feed the baby (if she gets hungry)

After feeding, you wash the bottles and went back to sleep, about 3am already.
(Throw in a night pump, I was still going strong with my middle of the night pump until 4 months+)

Before you know it, you are awake up at 4am to wash up, Pump, have breakfast, shit and rest of the time for traveling.
(I pumped an average of 40 minutes and after I switch to a better pump, I’m still pumping at least 30 minutes)

And then if the baby cries, you need to feed the baby (before you head out) or kick your husband out of the bed to do the feeding.

Once you are done with assignment which is 4-5 hours later, your boobs turned into Dwayne Johnson and you have to rush home not to sleep but to Pump.
And if your poor husband hadn’t exhausted his energy caring for the little one, you get to cat nap. If not, you take on the baby again.

*Cycle Repeats*
You once again literally have little or NO sleep.
And that doesn’t include full day assignment or 2 days in a row weekends assignment.

Good on me, I survived.

I guess that’s all the useless tips I have to impart to you guys.
Abrupt ending, bye!

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  • Michelle

    I was really like I just gave birth upon reading your post. It made me recall all the memories of the pregnancy, the labor, giving birth and the life of a first time mom. I’m actually slimmer now and I think it’s normal since we have a lot of things to take care. No need to explain ourselves. I’d just wished I will regain my weight again.

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