Phototherapy Cupping System with SkinPerfect

     My skin always has been pretty decent (with a slight history of eczema) until recently, an old aliment decided to come by and visit.
I was facing troubled skin for the past few weeks, the period where there is so much sensitivity, my skin was just feeling dirty and greasy all the time. However, I got really excited when SkinPerfect invited me down for a rejuvenating facial. Now that my priorities are different, the luxury of being able to spend time to indulge in a pampering treat has far superseded cheap shopping.

So here I’m SkinPerfect Liat Towers, readily dressed in facial gown to bask myself in happiness.

Selfie because I can.

This is not the first time I’ve received treatment from SkinPerfect, I blogged about my previous experience with regards to their Bespoke facial, you can read more if you wish.
Aside from the standard protocol where you usually get from of most facials (cleanse, extract, tone, mask) this time is slightly different; I’ll be receiving SkinPerfect’s Phototherapy Cupping System that combines traditional face cupping with phototherapy biostimulation

Treatment starts with a light cleanse and Klapps enzyme peel to slough away dead skin.

This was followed by 15min of Meridian Cupping Massage to activate the Qi ” Meridian” spots for facial lymphatic circulation.
You can see that the cupping was drawn towards my ear where the drainage takes place helping to filter out excess water retention.  IMG_7847To be honest I’m not very health conscious, I tend to neglect eating clean and unknowingly take in a fair amount of sodium because I don’t really watch what I eat. Sometimes I try to compensate by taking in more greens but at the end of the day fast food is still my priority (ok yes, fml)
Thus this treatment is pretty vital for me, it helps remove impurities and the extra water content that my body is unable to drain.

Here’s a comparison of a ‘before’ and ‘after’ treatment using the cupping system.

IMG_7836 Based on the before picture I was slightly more ‘plumped’ up as compared to the ‘after’. Plus if you notice, my face is actually more lifted a seen on the ‘after’ picture, I’m in awe that this slight difference is actually noticeable.
May I remind you that this is not an aesthetic work, thus is normal that end result is not extensive .
Also yay to sharp chin, I didn’t do anything invasive since 2013, where I received fillers for that area. However, I could pass a tip though: try taking care of a screaming baby round the clock, the fastest acting slimming pill.

Ok back to topic, light extraction was then carried out, followed by a gentle massage with our SkinScience Collagen Ampoules.

 Finally,  I was put under a very  bright light called the BioLight which helps photostimulates the skin with their post-laser HydroEssence Mask (infused with hyaluronic acid) to reinvigorate the face.
Even though this picture is unedited, it actually looks as if photo filter was applied because of the high contrast from the Bio light.

To end off the session, I was given a shoulder massage which I secretly wished it went on forever.

After drawing out the dirty contents and pumping fresh nutrients into my skin, it feels less sensitive and more succulent. OOps sorry! I mean supple! supple! I really enjoyed my session with SkinPerfect, this is not only a painless treatment but a very enjoyable one indeed.
Thank you SkinPerfect for letting me experience this wonderful session!

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SkinPerfect is located at the following outlets:

Orchard @ 6235 7377
541 Orchard Road, #21-03, Liat Towers.

Jurong East @ 6425 6966
WestGate Mall, #03-26

Toa Payoh @ 6252 0188
Blk 177, #01-142,Toa Payoh Central

Parkway Parade @ 6345 1663
#04-07, Parkway Parade

Yishun Central @ 6532 0188
Blk 931, Yishun Central 1. # 01-105

Tampines One @ 7823688
#4-31, Tampines Central

*This is a sponsored treatment, all opinions are my own

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