Photoshoot with Little Ryleigh

A while ago my 2 besties, Sisi & John decided to come together and constructed a 2 piece outfit for Ryleigh and me.


Sisi, the brain child Pickety Thumb, a stay home mum who has carved out a little name for herself, excels in creating handcrafted diaper cakes in different designs and composition.
She cleverly uses baby everyday needs such as bibs, wraps, wet wipes, garments, feeding paraphernalia, at the same time adding toys and other basic necessities and accessories to construct interesting forms and shapes for a diaper tower.

John, the owner of Theos Kyrios,  who does bespoke tailor-ship, doesn’t need much further introduction.
His sewing skills and awesome handcrafted works never fails to WowAmazeBezdazzle his clients, from simple alteration to intricate wedding gowns even right down to men’s fashion, his workmanship is impeccable.

When they approached me to come together for a collaboration, I readily agree. It was a rare chance to have passionate people working hand-in-hand and besides, how awesome is that when you guys are best friends!

We then started brainstorming for ideas and decided on a set of twinning outfits for Mother and Child, Sisi will take charge of the knitting process while John on the other end will showcase his tailoring skills.

Ok, we already have 2 experts liao, so where do I come in?
Initially I thought asking my buddies to engage a professional model so I could present my makeup and hair skills on her but truth to be told, since we are not doing this for editorial purpose so there is no point going that far for a simple shoot.

After much deliberation,  we they decided to use me as the model instead. I mean who knows me best besides myself, plus I’m such an attention whore (guess motherhood hasn’t changed me after-all lol) I’m like, alright give me and my daughter all the glory to look chio and happy.

Here you have it, Ry and my crop button down top knitted loving by Sisi and our matching tutu skirt painstakingly constructed by John.
collaboration_72Hair and makeup by yours truly #clarasongmakeup
(blogged using Gwen Stefani UD palette here)

collaboration_82 dsc00048 dsc00130-copy dsc00130 huge lit ’25’ sign is one of the main decor at Cafe 25

Pearl necklace (as bangle) sponsored by Luxjry



Last but not least, thank you Paul Chua for these awesome shots!

Knitted mother and child top by Pickety Thumb

Made-to-Measure Tutu Skirt by Theos Kyrios

Location at Cafe 25

Jewellery by Luxjry

Hair and makeup  by Clara Song MakeUp

Photography by Paul Chua

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