Photoshoot with Invisalign

I never thought having that worthy smile would be one of the most valuable assets in my life.
Having said that I used to think crooked teeth is okay. As long as I don’t flash my teeth when I pose for the camera, every picture could pass off as quite ‘chio’ lah.

Boy I was so wrong.

Now that I’d my teeth corrected, nothing beats showing them off every time the camera clicks.
Plus, I look friendlier and more approachable in photos (I’m actually very friendly in person too!)

Couple of months ago I was invited by Invisalign for a photoshoot with a few other treatment receivers.
Even though I have no idea where will my photos appear in, it was an honor having to represent Invisalign as one of their ambassadors! It wouldn’t be possible without the help of Orchard Scotts Dental who first offered me this incredible journey to straighter healthier teeth.

Chatting up with Sue Ann from Invisalign on a bright Saturday morning while waiting for my turn to do makeup.


I look slightly lethargic here because I was on the road to recovery after the first 3 months of agonizing pregnancy symptoms. Also I kept mum about it the whole time, no one was informed during this photshoot session as well, guess I didn’t want anybody to pay special attention to me just because I’m pregnant.

Here are some individual shots of me:
Guess I could say I was at my skinniest which is…awesome for photos but not so great for an expectant  :/SAG_0509 SAG_0518 SAG_0538

Couple shot with Lawrence:
Thought our chemistry was awesome, thus I keep showing it to my husband and he was like ‘meh’. Haha.
I heard wind that our pictures will be gracing some of Invisalign brochures. SAG_0615

Duo shot of Estee and me:
Is so nice chatting up with her, she is so so friendly!

A formal group shot:
SAG_0648 SAG_0651

Also an unconventional casual shot of us:
Even though we don’t know each other prior to this, our poses actually turned out to be super coordinated!

So I had a pleasant surprise when pictures of me were spotted at various clinics!
BnO56yqCEAAZUJx Photo-9-5-14-1-48-13-pm

Dr Yap (from Orchard Scotts) is so sweet, he send over a pic of me that appeared in a Malaysia Magazine.
Judging from how widely these pictures are used, I’ve never ever thought my pictures would suitable as a stock image!



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