Omg Motherhood.

Ok so last month on 26th August I gave birth to a beautiful daughter.
Full term healthy baby with assisted delivery that comes with a price.


I had a difficult and traumatic labour and because I had no idea I harvested a giant (3.59kg is considerably big for my petite size) during the past 10+ months.

she was delivered by Forceps which in the end resulted in a bad abrasion on her left cheek.
ry face copy
Anyways I’ll probably talk about my 22 hours labour and give her a proper introduction in a separate post.

I always thought my baby girl will come out smiling, happy and contented with the world. Omg, little did I know her cries are comparable to the sounds of heavy metal which drives me to the verge of insanity. Because she is a full term baby (overdue by 3 days infact) her lungs are matured enough to express her loudest scream, makes me wana enroll myself in the asylum.

My husband and I are trying to get the hang of things now, I’m sure things are going to get tougher when my confinement nanny head home leaving us clueless parents wondering whats wrong with all the crying and whining. But with each passing day we are learning more and more about her, vice versa.

Despite all that, shes a contented baby once she’s fed a truckload of milk, yes a heavy drinker of 100-120ml per session(every 2.5 hourly) for a 3 week old baby. Even though I’m already producing like a cow, because her feed demand is so high I have difficulty trying to catch up with her, right now I’m topping up with a small amount of formula in order to satisfy her needs.

Little trivial note:
If we are lucky enough at certain time of the day, we’ll get to peak into a fraction of that happy moments where she’ll be exploring her surroundings and responding to the things we said. That alone is enough to rock my world.

I have to abruptly end this post in fear of her waking up anytime, all in all this is a useless random post is to let you know that my existence as a homo sapien, also I’ll probably wont be posting that much but I’m still very much alive just so you know.

Last but not least, a sweet picture of her that might leave you with cavities.
cute ry

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