Omg finally…

…I’m able to blog on the go! 

(Oh, m I too late to party already?)


This is utterly insane because I’ve been trying to log in via this third party blog app for the longest time and after 2000years, I managed to penetrate walls of the Internet mobile app on my handphone! If someone were to give me a dollar for every login error, I would’ve been a millionaire by now.  

From days to months until this morning, I decided enough is enough, I’m gonna find the root of the problem and solve this SHIT. 


To begin with, I’m really un-tech savvy, especially when it comes to decoding errors. Everytime I see this ‘404 not found error’  I’ll do terrible things to myself, say scratch my head or something, not complusive but still… 


Anyways, I called up my web developer and started an onslaught of mild verbal diarrhea. The inability to control is hard but I managed to stop ‘leaking’ and listen to his side of story. Then, he laughed. He laughed ley, but he also explained in the most primitive way which I finally understood. But still I have to look for someone else(like my hosting) to solve my problem.


Screw all the help channels I’ve looked into, simi ‘XMLRPC’ , ‘.htaccess’ , sorry you dunno me, I lagi dunno you. All I know is I’m suppose to trace every plugin to see if it clashes with the incompability on this app.


Suddenly, a bulb lit near my head, decide to disable all my plugins and try to login again. And….Viola! It worked!

I then slowly re-activate my plugins one by one to see which interferes with my current blog app and finally found it: a mobile viewing app call ‘WP Moblie edition’


So after a series of wild goose chase, I pretty much solve this ‘mystery of the I couldn’t login app’ by myself. 

Wo hen lo hai, therefore here’s a photo of Ryleigh Lim to celebrate my victory.IMG_8115-1.JPG

Clara 1-0 internet  

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