Nivea Whitening Happy Shave Review

I was told that underarms tend to turn darker during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes in our body, however I wasn’t affect until the day I give birth to Ryleigh.

My hormones went haywire after labour.

Once the baby is out my tummy became orange peel-like with very dark stretch marks, my belly button never went back in, also my breast… (ok picture a cow) and suddenly my underarms became darker.
Adapting to this postpartum body is way more difficult than the stretching I had endured during pregnancy, on top of that to make things worse I was overwhelmed by baby blues.

So when thesamplestore offered me to take up ‘Whitening Happy Shave‘ sponsorship by NIVEA, I’m like finally I can target at least one of my concerns.
So I said yes!

Comes in a spray bottle, NIVEA Whitening Happy Shave helps prevent darkening of underarms cause by hair removal.

I love the airy feel to it; a lightweight scent that doesn’t overwhelm my nostrils.DSC00033 I cannot vouch for that 48hours freshness (as stated on the packaging) because I usually shower within a span of 8-12 hours but yes, I can guarantee with NIVEA Whitening Happy Shave my armpits sure stays clean until my next wash.

Also the good thing is this awesome antiperspirant doesn’t leaves a white residue on my underarms. I’ve came across some deodorant that leaves an opaque film and when I accidentally raise my hands up revealing streaks of white residue under the fold of my armpits, very ‘sexy’ indeed.

Infused with Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C, NIVEA Whitening Happy Shave works like a skincare aims to whiten that unsightly area in just 2 weeks.
Don’t say I bullshit, see the before and after difference, results are instantaneous!
I may have photoshopped my all other photos but the below is left untouched, definitely raw and genuine.
DSC00039It also feels smooth to the touch, very velvety as oppose to the sticky finishing sold in the market.

With the constant use of NIVEA Whitening Happy Shave I can battle against my pregnancy hormones that cause the darkening and improve the overall appearance of my underarms, thanks Nivea and TSS for sending in this product!

Redeem you very own NIVEA Whitening Happy Shave sample here:
(do note that sample of 35ml is redeemable at a small fee)

*NIVEA Whitening Happy Shave is available in both roll-on bottle and spray can, Sold in all leading personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers.

*This is a sponsored post.

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